Friday, February 22, 2013

I want a KEURIG

This is what I want for my mothers day gift!!! hopefully my daughter is reading this and get this little hint!!! lol.  I am not a every morning coffee drinker but I am a when I just want some coffee kind of person.  I don't make coffee because I waste because its only me drinking it.  So I am looking forward to going shopping for my Keurig.  I cant wait to test out the different flavors.  I think the week I start, I will let my co-workers know so if I am bouncing off the wall they will understand.  lol

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Monday was my big "39"th birthday!!! WOOT WOOT!!! I am having a great day!!! I got flowers today from my best friend.....tulips my favorite :-).  This year is a little different, i hadnt planned anything.  I dont really know what I am going to do. But what ever I do i know it will be awesome.

This is another gift I received.  I just love when people know exactly what I like.  Its the little things the really make me smile.

This is us at chuck e cheese celebrating my birthday and valentines day!!!
So plans were made and I went to Atlanta for a few days...Brittani and I went to STRIP Steak, and seafood was a very good experience.
OMG...this philly cheese steak and looked sooooo good and tasted just as good.

Before I got started, Brittani wanted me to taste her sushi...I was hesitant...but it was time ill know to order the dragon...

This is my look that says "I am full and I feel good" lol

we both get the clean plate award