Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wanting different results...

The title says it all.....On this journey I have realized that I have learned a lot of things the hard way.  I have always done things the way I wanted too...and got those same results.  As I am on my spiritual journey I ask myself "Why cant I just do things God's way?"  One answer I know is because Gods timing and my timing are never on the same sheet...sometimes I think God is taking too long and I need to help him hurry it up...or I know God wants me to do this anyway so why not just skip a few steps....Why do we do that?   We are not realizing that skipping steps or speeding up the process hinder us, we miss things we should have learned along the way if we would have taken Gods route.  So there are a few things that I am believing God for at this point in my life and I see god has that weird sense of humor because I have caught myself trying to move this along and he is like "what are you doing, I am not going to catch up with you...you need to slow down and allow me to walk with you".  Can I do that...I have no choice...my faith and belief in him is so strong, how can I not.  I always say that I have being doing this thing my way and look how it turns out...why not try Gods way...I know I will get different results.....

As I am following the path that he is put me on ....I can see door that were closed that are opening up for me.  Now there are times still now when I don't heed his warning but God is a forgiving God that he keeps whispering in my ear till I stop and turn around and get back on the right path....Each challenge I overcome there is one even greater than the last but my faith in God is keeping me pressing on.  There are days when I feel like giving up...but he send that ram in the bush...which are my friends that call at the right time to say words of encouragement that keeps me pressing on....

Lunch Date

Philly Cheese Sandwich and fries...

I had a wonderful date that I just had to blog about.  I took careful time getting ready because I wanted to look perfect.  Being on time...so far so good....my door was open for me...this is getting good...being taken to my favorit resturant "The Tavern" just made my day.  Over lunch justing sitting and remincining brought a smile to my face.  No telephone call or text message to interrupt the moment, it was just all about me....so I am guess you are wondering who is the gentleman that took me out...the one that was on time and opened my door the one that made me smile throughout lunch...the one who gave me all the attention without any interruptions.  I am sorry to say that it was no man...the date I had was with ME!!!

Dating myself

Yes I said that....dating myself.  It sounds strange but I was reading this book by Kenny Pugh, Can you do it Standing up?  A different outlook on relationships.  Well anyway there was a chapter called "Would you date you?"  At first I laughed because I said of course I would....but then as I read it was more indepth and I needed to test it out.  So at first I wasn't going to dress up...but then I was thinking what if it was a guy I would be all dolled up...so why not.  I made sure I was on time...because I know that what I like and I also left my phone in the car...so there would be no texting or calling on this date...lol

I was a little nervous...I wasn't talking about going to Zaxbys to pick up a lunch...I was talking about going to a resturant to be waited on.  I picked the Tavern because it is my favorite resturant.  I love the intimate setting.  The lady at the desk was like how many...I said "One" in a low voice...lol  Dont judge I was still nervous...lol  I was seated and I ordered lunch.  As I was waiting...I was just thinking about my life and things that have happened over the years...those things made me smile and just made me happy.  I enjoyed my lunch with myself.  I was very refreshing....So to answer Kenny's question...I would say "Yes" I would date myself.  I am going to take myself to different places as well.

As I am on my journey of discovery, my journey or reinventing, my journey of being adventurouse, I think I am going to enjoy getting to know myself even better. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

To I-Phone or NOT to I-Phone

So I am debating if I am going to upgrade my phone.  Right now I am married to my Blackberry.  I have had it for 5 years.  I did however a few months ago, switch to another phone because I was curious about the touch screen phones but I switched back because I didn't like it.  I think it probably the phone I had.  So I am thinking about trying again, this time with a I-phone.  I was speaking to a friend a few weeks ago and I was telling him I was never switching because I didn't like the touch screen or really i think its too complicated.  He told me that is the way the world is going and what would I do if in the next few years they only made touch screen phones.  I thought about that and realized that I have to keep up how the world is evolving.  So we will see how long I will keep this phone...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 293..coming into my own

Wow...time does fly when you are having fun...lol  So today is day 293 of my natural journey...I am so amazed at how making this decision has changed my life in such a good way.  The confidence I feel everyday makes me smile even now.  When I first big chopped I knew I wanted to go natural but I always say I just didn't know how it was really going to impact me until it did.  In the beginning I was very unsure but now I am like I'm a "Natural Diva".  I am always trying new styles and products.   In the picture above I am rocking a twist out that I did. 

My next stop on this journey, I think I want to add color to give me a little spice...lol  So of course I have been reading up on having color and still have healthy hair.  I will get the color right before the year is out, I can't wait to go into the new year with a new look and attitude.  I am still working on my bucket list of things that I want to do. 

Being Natural is something that I have learned to embrace...I fell in love with myself all over again....When I see people turn their noses up at my hair...I don't get offended (i did in the past, because i was so self conscious)....people either love natural hair or they hate natural hair....I still find it funny when someone tells me about so and so hair and how she used the product and it looks so great and I should try it so mine can look like that....that is not going to happen...because what works on one persons head don't always work on another...lol

Yes I am still stopping people from touching my hair...unless they ask...because I still don't like that. 

On this 293rd day I am enjoying the life God has given me...I am taking every day as a chance to get better...trying not to stress over the things I cannot change, because it is what it is...I am still working on my G.I.F.T.S every chance I get...ready to see what the future has in store...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I been off......

I  havent written in a while and so someone who reads my blog sent me a text to find out why and it actually made me mad!! Mad because he and I are not friends anymore.  I don't deal with people that feel they have to be dishonest to get what they want.   I was like I don't want to write anything because I dont want him to read.  But then I had to think about it...he is not the reason I started blogging and so I shouldn't let that stop me for doing something i enjoy.  So I guess I am back to blogging and I should thank him.....i guess...lol