Monday, September 24, 2012

Okay we going to try this again...

Going to the gym today!!! Its always exciting to go to the gym...well maybe...haha  I really want to get the weight off and tone up this body..but its so hard. I have not found my rhythm yet.  I have new workout pants, my towel and I am ready....I think... i am still trying to decide about the pictures of me before and after...I am just not

Friday, September 21, 2012

Looking for supplies or

So today I learned the art of flirting or that I have been flirting and didn't realize it.  This revelation came as I was in Home Depot looking for materials to sand my know the project I started working on a few months  Okay let me stay on track.  I was asking the sales person a question about where to find the materials when this man walked by he looked not quite sure...but I spoke and he spoke and then the sales person who recognized him asked him to help me....As he and I spoke and helped me find materials the strangest thing happen...he asked for my number...okay he asked for it just in case I needed his help sanding my table...the oldest trick...but yep I fell for it and gave him my number.....of course I want the help...I actually want him to do all the work...hahahahah...

He called me about 1 hour later (interesting).  He wanted to confirm something...he asked me "You were flirting with me right"...I was shocked and appalled!!! hahaha...okay seriously though, I didn't have a clue what he was talking about.  He said, he reads magazine and that I did 3 of the 4 ways you can tell someone if he named them:
  • Making eye contact as we spoke, holding his attention  (you are supposed to do that)
  • laughed at everything he said...(but it was funny :-))
  • Smiled ( I love to smile!!! lol)
The only one i didn't do was:
  • Touch him when I boy you so funny!!! and lightly pat him on the
None of my excuses worked he said he wanted to make sure I wanted him to call...I guess so after all my flirting...but then I got to thinking .....that explains a lot.  See when my girls and I used to go out...I would have that don't want to be bothered look on my know that look that says fu#@ off!!! I used to wonder why nobody tired to pick me up...well my girls broke it down...and said there is nothing wrong with smiling and making conversation even if you don't want to date softens you up a little know they cant do nothing with my mouth!!! lol

So for the past few years I have lighten up and guess what everyone Tom, Dick and Harry approach me...too much!!! So I know now why.  As I go forth...I will pay close attention to how I interact with guys...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

1st Home Project - Kitchen Table Makeover

This is my kitchen table.  I want to make it look pretty.  So tomorrow I am on my way to Home Depot to see if they can tell me what I need to do to give this baby a new look.  I have tried to get other people to do this for me, but I think it will have more value if I do it myself....I am so excited my first home project :-).  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dont touch!

Everybody knows that a pet peeve of mine is someone touching my hair...UUGGHHHH  that drives me up the wall...its just not proper hair etiquette.  When you walk up to someone who is natural, you are supposed to ask them before you dive into touching their hair..... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ok Im calm  With much research I found out why.  Most natural hair especially if its a type 4 and up, looks very people are curious to see if it feels the way it looks.  I will accept that hypothetical reason my friend gave me the other day...BUT still why cant you wait until I give you the go head to touch it. That is so crazy to me.  If my hair was would not come up to me and start touching my why do it when its natural...If you are out there touching peoples hair and not asking....STOP IT!!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New way to do my hair...

Well i have been watching YouTube to find a new way to do my hair...I know...I know...i couldn't wait to put my hair in a Puff but....this band is killing my head...I have stretched and stretched and it still hurt...i think i need a break from the puff. I watched styles for short natural hair.  I saw a lady two strand flat twist her hair to the know like Queen Latifah in Set it Off!!! lol...I used my old faithful...Shea Moisture, Curl Enhancing Smoothies...

This style is so unattractive...i have to only wear this one inside the is what is looks like when I untwist it...


My hair didn't turn out to bad...and guess what my head doesn't i think i till chill on the bands for a while..My hair feel so light and