Thursday, May 26, 2011

Straight Chaser...

 I re-visted this book after seeing an associate reading it.  She said that she is trying to understand her husband and their relationship.  This book is very interesting.  I also read his other book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man".  When I read that book I thought a lot of the topics he spoke on were "common sense", but that was because I had experienced a few of those things. 

However, this book was different for me.  I highlighted and underlined some of the sentences.  One Chapter in the book, Chapter 5, was where I lingered the most.  He talked about "Getting yourself ready for a committment".  At first I was like..."I am ready"...I started thinking about all of my characteristics and I said "I am good"....but as I read it I realize..."I wasn't".  Steve used the story of when he wanted a new car.  He had a car but it was broke down and busted in the front yard sitting on blocks.    He kept asking his mother about the new car...and she told him that the old car was out in the yard on blocks...she said this everytime he said something about a new car...then finally he asked her what that meant.  She told him that if he got a new car, where was he going to put it, if the old car was already there taking up space.   She also said if you are going to ask God for something, act like he is going to give it to you and make ready to recieve it.  In the end he clean that spot and got a new car.  

Steve told this story to analyze women who are looking for a committed relationship, and what we need to do to get ready.  We need to get those ex-boyfriends, husbands, the blocks in the driveways of our hearts.  When I read that I was like wow...that makesa whole lot of sense.  Because if I am still in conversation with a guy I used to date or liked...or someone I was intimate with...that is holding me back from receiving what God has for me.  My mind was not going to be available for someone new..As women because we have our ex's on the blocks in our heart...we look for signs that the new man is going to hurt us, or cheat or get the picture...

I continued to read the chapter and he gave some very helpful suggestion on once you get those broke down vehicles out of your yard, how do you clean up to get ready to receive a new and better model.  This chapter has really helped me because I know I have some baggage from way back when still sitting in my driveway...not wanting to let go....because I felt like I wont see the signs if I got rid of it.....then God reminded me that is what he is here for..."discernment" just have to seek me, stay close to me so I can guide you.  You don't need that stuff if you got me - love God... :-)

My journey has changed a little now.....this journey will make me ready for commitment.  You know I am a firm believer of things just don't happen by accident.  God tells me things, but sometimes he has to use a different person to get the point across.  I had read this book...but I skimmed the pages because it was a book club pick and I hadn't read it and I needed to know something when I got to the meeting...but when I revisited the book, I took my time.  I was asking God the question "When" earlier that day when I saw my associate and we got to talking and that night I pulled my book out and guess what I turned to Chapter 5. 

To all my girls out there that is saying "When is it my time Lord"..."When am I going to find a man worthy of me"......ask yourself what kind of vehicle is on blocks in the driveway of your heart....Call the tow truck girls and get that junk wagon outta get ready to receive the man who is worthy of you......

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recitals and Graduations

I love these girls....
My daughter Reyna graduated from 5th grade on yesterday.  Boy Im getting  I was so full of joy to see my daughter make it this far.  I was talking to her yesterday about going to Middle school.  She is very excited and nervous about making this transition.  I have already gone through this process one time already with my oldest but times have changed and so there comes the knots in my stomach.  I know my job doesn't stop here...I gotta keep moving, continue to be the supportive parent that I have always been, making sure she has everything she needs to be successful in life.

The recital was very exciting! of course I video taped every moment of this event.....

Friday, May 20, 2011

Trying a Staw Set

I am fighting a hair battle with my daughters hair.  You know I want to just cut off the rest of her perm out...but I cant make that choice for her.  So reading one of the blogs I decied to try a staw set.  I bought all my tools(setting lotion, roller paper, bobby  pins, and bag of straws) on yesterday and I did it.  It turned out really pretty.  I think we like this better than a flat twist out...

the top of her hair...she added a headband because due to perm damage her natural hair in the front is shorter.

the diva coming

the back...looks like little snakes...
Now that I have done it one time...I feel like I know what to do to make it look even better the next time. The test will be tonight when she goes to sleep and how it looks in the morning.  If it looks great then this will be our staple style until she is all the way natural.  I am praying it stays looking good...I don't want to fight

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A new love...

I went to the store to find a staple shampoo and conditioner for cheap for my youngest daughter since she is still transitioning.  My intention was to buy some VO5(because of the reviews I read on the blogs), but the Target I went too didnt have any.  So I looked at the Suave Shampoo's.  This is what I picked up:

I bought both products because my oldest daughter is home from school and she is not going natural so she can use this product as well.  I washed my daughters hair and her hair felt so good.   I wanted to try it on my hair.  Since I have already washed my hair....I only used the Conditioner this time.  WOW!!! It made my hair feel so soft.  I styled my hair with the Shea Moisture Enhancing Cream...and went off to work.  I was at my desk thinking about some things and ran my hand through my hair and it felt so good.  As I looked at my hair in the mirror it looks and feels great.  Check out my picture..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Using Eco Styler to make my curls "POP"

 I was watching a youtube video from the Curly Nikki blog and  saw this lady using Eco Styler to make her curls pop... So of course being the PJ,  that I am you know I had to try it.  So on Friday night I tired this product.  On the video the lady put shea butter in her head, I guess to soften it I washed my hair and then put in shae butter first, and then some Eco Styler.  I had to work the styler in but in the end..yes my curls were popping... That is the upside.  The down side was that my hair was very hard after it dried.  Now the lady on the video said she could wear the style for about 3 to 4 days.  Now I know why.  I would have taken a picture, but I needed to wash this stuff  So I guess when I'm not in the mood to do my hair for that many days I will try the regimen.  Until then I will just used eco styler to slick down my edges. lol.

Friday, May 13, 2011

It takes unlikely pair...

No I am not playing with you...Yes I did combine the two products and it wasn't planned.  Today when I washed my hair with Kinky Curly Shampoo (only because this was the first line I had and didnt want to buy more until I used it up), and I use the Curls Coconut Curlada Conditioner.  As I reached for my Curls Milkshake I realized the bottle was empty.  So I was in a panic mode...looking through my basket of products trying to find a styler for my hair...I saw Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding and I was like "What the Heck", I didn't have any other   I am loving my curls...See for yourself...

How do I feel about the products:

Curls Coconut Curlada Conditioner smells so good and make your hair feel soooo soft.  It also stretches your curls out in the shower.  Now I need to find a Curls Styling Product that really make your curls "pop" and hydrates it as well.  The cost for the Curlada was very inexpensive, only $9.99 at Target.

Miss Jessie Curly Pudding, I still don't know about this product...but today my hair looks and good. My hair doesn't feel as soft as it does with the Curls Milkshake...but I will take it.  So I guess the verdict is still  The cost for the Curly Pudding was $7.00 but its only the two ounce container purchased from

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

...Frustrated with my hair growth or lack of hair growth....

Uggghhh!!! Yes today is one of those days.  I am tired of the same hair style.  I knew this was coming but it doesn't mean its easy.  Everyday I walk out the door with the same hair.  I am the type of person that like to try different styles and not being able to do that has me blah today.  I can't and won't do the weave/wig thing to change my look.  I thought about getting braids but I don't like that either.  I just I will have to just continue with my TWA and pray to the hair gods that my hair grows

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

..Shea Moisture....the results

I treid the Shea Moisture products about a week ago.  At first I liked it so good so far.  But what I am finding out is that it is too heavy for my head.  I have fine curls and this product is for thick hair.  I found when I shampoo, condition and style this product is perfect.  It gave me big shiny curls and this product smells awesome.  But when I went a few days of only just wet and go (styling it with Shea Moisture Curl Enhance Smoothie) it didnt work so well.  I had product build up which weighed my hair and my curls down.  I felt like I had a big blah on my   So after about a week of using this will go back in the basket, maybe if my hair gets thicker as it grows out, I will revisit this product again.

Shea Moisture  - 3 stars

Revisit with the Young Natural Diva - Reyna

So many people have asked me to do an update on the Young Natural Diva Reyna.  Reyna is still in transitioning.  We are ready to cut but she is waiting until she gets out of school for the summer.  The plan is to cut the rest of the perm off of her ends. She will wear her natural hair for a week and then get it braided for the summer. 
twist out
such a Diva!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

...Cotton 76

Today is a very good natural hair day!! Today is day 76 and my hair feels like a cotton ball.  I am still using the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Cream....this morning I just wet my hair in the shower and then put the cream on and my hair and went to work.   I have been using Curls Champagne and Caviar Curl Elixir for the shine because that has been my problem, trying to get my hair to not look dull.   I am still auditioning headbands and things to put in my hair.  I have not been successful yet.  Don't worry I haven't given up the search yet...

I am thinking about having a natural products party since when speaking with other naturals we all have products at home that we found did not work on our hair.  In speaking with someone we found out we both love products that the other one I might try to get this started pretty soon so I can get my sink counter

Monday, May 2, 2011

Shea Moisture...

I read up on Shea Moisture and decided to try the product line.  A co-worker of mine bought this kit that they sell at Wal-greens and I compared the prices and the cost of the product for each individual bottles were $9.99 each so i decided with the kit I would save about $20.00 so I bought it. 

The first time I used the product I didn't read the instructions and I didn't realize the Curly Milk was the conditioner, so of course I put this on my hair and didn't like it...i thought it was looking crazy,  I didn't like my hair......HA!!! I needed to wash it I tried it again.....and the verdict is still far I like the still not sure...I will have to keep trying...  I got several compliments on my I will stick with this product for 2 weeks to see if this is my final choice...a friend of mine said you need to wait a month...but you know how indecisive I will be two weeks..I'm doing good to wait that