Friday, May 13, 2011

It takes unlikely pair...

No I am not playing with you...Yes I did combine the two products and it wasn't planned.  Today when I washed my hair with Kinky Curly Shampoo (only because this was the first line I had and didnt want to buy more until I used it up), and I use the Curls Coconut Curlada Conditioner.  As I reached for my Curls Milkshake I realized the bottle was empty.  So I was in a panic mode...looking through my basket of products trying to find a styler for my hair...I saw Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding and I was like "What the Heck", I didn't have any other   I am loving my curls...See for yourself...

How do I feel about the products:

Curls Coconut Curlada Conditioner smells so good and make your hair feel soooo soft.  It also stretches your curls out in the shower.  Now I need to find a Curls Styling Product that really make your curls "pop" and hydrates it as well.  The cost for the Curlada was very inexpensive, only $9.99 at Target.

Miss Jessie Curly Pudding, I still don't know about this product...but today my hair looks and good. My hair doesn't feel as soft as it does with the Curls Milkshake...but I will take it.  So I guess the verdict is still  The cost for the Curly Pudding was $7.00 but its only the two ounce container purchased from

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