Monday, April 25, 2011

Its Official....Im a Product Junkie...

As I was getting ready for today, I was getting frustrated because stuff kept falling on the floor off of the sink...UUGGGHHHH!!!! Then it hit me...its all the products I keep buying to use in my  My daughter who was home from school this weekend was laughing at me because she saw the Olive Oil on the counter and she was like " Why is this in here?"  I told her I was making products...she said I was doing too much...Am I?  I don't know..but for right now until I find the right styling product that gives me everything I want then nope!  I have a good shampoo and conditioner...I am really just auditioning "Stylers" and " Moisturizers". I like Curls Milkshake, but my hair looks so dry once the product dries in my hair.  I keep hearing about Coconut Oil but have yet to try it.  I am trading products out with one of my co-workers so and will be trying coconut oil.  There is also one other product I want to try its called "Shea Moisture".  My co-worker bought some type of set that comes with the shampoo, conditioner, styling lotion and one more items, I am not sure what it is...but I have heard great things about I think I will dash to my local Target or Walgreen's to pick this set up....will tell you the results very

Something New.....Let go....Let flow....

Next to Love Jones, this is one of my favorite movies.  I could relate to Sanaa Latham character "Kenya" in so many ways.  People who know me will say...I can't see that..that is because I am a total extrovert so in that prospective Kenya and I are very different...but in some ways we are a like.   Kenya's outlook on what she thought a mate should look like and be...had her all confused because her heart and her mind were not on one accord.  I don't know why your heart doesn't do what your mind tell it to do (quote from Brown Sugar) times I wonder the same thing...

When they said "Let go, let flow" single friends and I started cosigning this liberating statement......but then ...I was like nawh man!!! lol...I know it means to not be so "uptight" just go with it...Now yall know I am a Type A I am not feeling this....for me it depends on the circumstance.  If we were supposed to go to the movies and we missed the show so we are doing something else...I can do that...but if its something more serious like..He has cheated on me or he lied about having a job or he forgot to pick up my Diet know I will beat you down for that...(just seriously...I will be letting him "flow" on to someone

I feel my heart is the only thing in this world I can control.  I can't control what others do, but I can control me!!! So yes I battle with my heart a lot because it has a mind of its own.  

Once a man is in your heart, he has to work hard to stay in...and in the year 2011 there are only a few men that will accept the challenge.....For me it comes down to Trust and Honesty....yes there are more, but those are the things that affect my heart the they are non-negotiable.....

...Day 68...The results are in....

Its purple...but it goes on clear...and smells really great..

shiny curls

I used Miss Jessis Curly Pudding again this weekend because I didn't want to count her out just yet.  This time I used my Jessiecurls weekly deep conditioner and then put Miss J's Curly Pudding on and WOW!!! I like the way my hair looked and felt and I got a lot of compliments at church on yesterday.  The bad thing I didn't like was I had to put more than a dime size to get it to that point...My hair didn't feel like it normally does with curls, but it was very I am not counting Curly Pudding out...maybe once my hair grows a little bit more, I will revisit this product, and I might get a better result.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Margaritaville.....thought I would

This post has nothing to do with anything but I went to Margaritaville.  Did I have a margarita...nope sure didnt...I was tired from traveling so I didn't think it would be a good idea...But anyway...I had the most wonderful date.... :-)!   All smiles......

The results are still out....

I received my Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding Tuesday and I couldnt wait to use it.   I called a friend who swears by it to find out how to get the best results..what tecniques do she use to put it on.  So I used it on Wednesday..I shampooed all the stuff I had been using all week and put it on...I was shocked by the color of the pudding.....its purple...when I put it on, it felt okay...when it dries is when you know...well it dried and i felt my hair and I can't really describe what it felt wasnt hard but it wasnt soft either..and my hair was dry......and it was very curly in the the next day I used it again and I put more than a dime size in my hair felt very soft but it was still very damp in the Im thinking too much...but it looked reading peoples comments about this product to see what i am doing wrong and why its not doing what its supposed to Im not giving up...I just need to find what is going to curl my hair..and also not have it looks so dry...

applied Miss Jessie's curly pudding while wet

my forehead looks

after the curly pudding looks dry to me..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I was so excited today!!! Why you ask?  Because its  I love when it rains...I get to wear my rainboots!!! I am a color coordinating type I do my wardrobe surrounding my rainboots. 

I think I am going shopping for another I can have some options...anywho..that is all I have today!!! lol

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Im in between...

You know how it is when your hair is not short but its not long enough either.  That is where I am now.   My hair has grown a lot but now Im frustrated because it just sits  So on Sunday I just started playing around with my hair twisting it...see the picture below...I was playing around so it does look kinda

That morning I pulled them a loose because I didnt like the lil snakes on my head....however I did like the results.  My hair looked fuller with lots of curls..I think I will do this again this weekend and just take my time by parting smaller and see how it turns out.. 

So this week I think I will not use my trusty "pick"....I will just co-wash and put on my styler but wont pick the curls out which will make my hair look shorter than what it is...remember my hair is longer on the top than the sides so i think it looks really freaky when picked out...lately I have found myself patting my hair down...which reminds me of a 70's   Being the PJ (Product Junkie) that I am...I broke down and ordered some Miss Jessie Curl Pudding, so I can test and see what the hype is all about...I only orderd the $7.00 I wont feel so bad if it doesn't work out...there are so many people that swear by this stuff.....I think its the new hair  But anyway...I will post my results once I use it...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Auditioning Headbands....#1

Today I decided to play around with the flowers...This is actually a headband I bought when I was transitioning.  I havent found one I like.  I picked out some little flowers but they make my head look GIGANTIC  and you know we dont want that.  There are days when (like today) that I really dont want to be bothered with my hair...and it seems those are the days when I have a pretty good hair day.  I reminded myself from the latest Steve Harvey book..."Straight Talk no Chasers" when he talked about presentation is everything..So I should always be on top of my I still got to keep that head spruced up even when I don't feel like doing anything to "prince" might show up in line at Publix(my favorite store) and I am looking

Front view
side view

Monday, April 11, 2011

Why God?........

Do you ever find yourself saying "Why God"?  I have been asking God, why for a few weeks... Why do I always have to be the bigger person?  Why do I have to be the one the make the first move?  Do you see what they did, why do I have to forgive them.....etc...and do you know what I heard God say....he said "Because I said so"....WOW! don't that just make you mad!!! lol  When things happen in the past I would be the first to "pop" off, ready to get someone told...but I can tell how much I have matured because I go to God for guidance in these matters.  But sometimes on this journey, I get tired, tired of people taking my kindness for weakness....I am dealing with a sitution right now...and my actions are going to affect someone and I am torn, asking God for guidance....he reminded me that its all about choices.  This person made the choice to not do what they are supposed to do and so it clear in there reactions that they don't care to do the right thing.  But I know that when the chips fall I will be looked at as the bad guy.  I know I need to just pray now more than ever because "right choice" / "bad choice" I still have to deal with the consequences of my actions. 

I stand on the scripture Proverbs 3;5 that talks about trusting in the Lord and not trying to understand the stitution, just adknowlege God and he gonna direct me down the right path.   That is hard to do sometime...But I have learned that its not the person that we are in combat with its that "spirt" on the inside of them.  You have to have a good relationship with God to recognize, when you are being used by the devil....he is directing your actions.  You know when you cuss somebody out, or say something that you normally wouldnt say and then you feel bad...that is you allowing the devil to use you.  You ask yourself why did I do that...for one spilt second you gave in.   The word says "To be slow to speak and quick to listen"...this gives you time to take it in and decide how you want to respond...hopefully it make you respond in a way pleasing to God.

I have also learned to go to my sister or brother to find out if I have offended them and try to make it right.  So many people get mad or offended by something and instead of addressing it, they just allow themselves to drift apart from someone they care about just because there was a conflict or misunderstanding...I have a friend, we got in an argument and I was mad at her and she was mad at me both for various reasons..and we apologized but we didnt have that instant friendship took time but we are back really good friends again...but there was a time, when I was like "Whatever", she was wrong, and I did this because of what she did...and it went on and on...I asked God Why and he told me to look in the mirror...own up to what you did and make amends with your friend.  I am so glad I did and I think this has made our bond stronger because of the situation that occured.

Dont get me wrong if I go to them and they dont accept then I feel our season has ended that it is time to part ways...I will never beg or plead with someone to stay in my life.  Everyone is not meant to be in your life forever.  There is something in your encounter that you are supposed to teach them or something they are supposed to teach you...I always reflect on relationships with friends and see what was the lesson to be learned...looking to see how it will make me a better person...

...Day 55 Today is a great day....

Don't you just love it and you wake up in the morning and everything goes to plan.  I got up on time, I already knew what I was wearing and Today I used only my "Curls" products on my hair and I love the results.  Im a plan A person and sometimes I don't have a plan B.  So I get frustrated easily if I cant make a decision quick.  Take last thursday for example, I had in mind what I wanted to wear, but then when I put it on I didnt like it...then I started trying on several things and then I ended up wearing what I started out with at then I used a new product on my hair and my hair felt of course bad day all around.  People laugh at me when I say I have to have a run thru at night, choosing what I will wear to work, including shoes...I can't chance 

On another note...I find it so funny how people like to play in my hair.  My daughter is always saying "Mama let me but the Milkshake stuff on your hair"...she wants to pick it out for me....I am like I am not a doll, I don't want you playing in my

Thursday, April 7, 2011

UGGHHH...Today I need a do over......Day 51

I was feeling a little adventurous this morning so i decided to try another curl product "Taliah Waajids Curling Cream".  When I took it out of the sample pack I was like oh its medium not too thick not to thin...I put it on and it feels pretty good.  So I have been at work for 1 hour and I went to touch my hair...UUGGHHH!!! it feels horrible...all rough and hard.  (tear)....So yes today I am having a very bad hair day.  So I give this product a thumbs  I like the way my curls look but I don't like the feel of my hair...:-(

I just want to go home, wash my hair and start over....I hate when I have days like this.  I know the rules, I experiment on I can wash out if I don't like the results...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Are naturals more friendly?

When I am out rocking my TWA everytime I see someone natural I don't know why I want to throw my "fist" in the  saying "Fight the Power"...lmbo...  But seriously that is how I  feel when since I have been natural.  When I am out shopping, at the movies, or out eating dinner and I see a  natural sister there is an instant connection.  We will strike up a conversation in a heartbeat...We both compliment each other on our hair and then start comparing products, sometimes even exchange email addresses or numbers...or even become facebook friends...once again...the support is there....  Its so neat.  The natural community is so acceptable and supportive.  I remember when I first Big Chopped, I called my two natural sisters Amelia and Ingrid...they couldn't be there to hold my hand but they were on the phone with their supportive words that got me through.

When you big chop you are dont know what your head is going to look like, what type of hair you gonna have, what people are going to say..... I don't ever remember stopping and talking to a fellow permer(is that a word)  I remember we might say I like your hair and who did it...and then go and try to get our stylist to duplicate the style.  You can try to duplicate a natural style but the results will be totaly different.  No two natural heads are alike.

I love talking about my hair and my journey with other Natural   They have been there done that...they can relate, I feel like the baby in the family...being a new natural and all...So I have all my big sisters out there to help me on my journey...I have gotten so much advise....however, I am still not letting people touch my hair.  If someone ask...I might say yes...but those people who just walk up and touch, they get the "evil eyes" lol  Sometimes I want to drop kick them because I think that is so rude!!!  Those people you only speak to in passing come up to you and want to touch...WTH!!! I dont know you like that...Okay let me get back on point...excuse me for digressing....LMBO!!!!   #soserious

What do you think???

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 45....Playing dress up....

Today is Friday!!! Yeah!!!  So this unseasonably winter weather has got me in a funk so...I decided to play dress up to put me in a better and truly, I feel like I am playing dress up everyday.   Since my hair is short, I am finding myself accessorizing more and putting a little eyeshadow on more now during the week.  I really dont think this is any different from when I had permed hair.  If I was having a "bad hair" day, it would seem the world was coming to an end.  Everything just frustrated me, so natural hair is no difference.  The only difference is that you are the only one who knows you are having a bad day.  Everyone else thinks your hair looks fine.  Now I cant just slap some jam and brush my hair back in a ponytail and walk out the door...that is when I miss my permed hair.  That has only happened twice so

I am learning what my colors are, by that I mean what colors give me the glow or complement my skin tone.  So are its: Reds, Purples, Teal Blue/Green, Black and White.  I find when I wear these colors I have an extra pep in my step as I go about my day...I be like "chile please, I could care less what you think"...lmbo...

So I am going to Clairs today to find me some hair accessories.  I was in there a few weeks ago with my daughter and say some small flowers to go in my hair.  I have a few flower head bands that I wore during transition but the flowers make my head look so small, they are just too I have to put them to the side until my hair grow out a little bit more...

...Interview with a Young Natural Reyna

Reyna in transition

I decided to interview my daughter Reyna about her natural journey.  When I tell most people I am going natural and so is she they automatically think I made this decision for her.  WRONG???   She made it on her own.  When Reyna was little she had naturally curly hair, then it went to kinky curly...I would put water and Jam on it and it would look so pretty but mid-afternoon it would be a puffy  I really didnt know how to take care of it. When she was 8 my stylist made the decision to perm her hair for me.  I had dropped her sister and her off at the salon and her sister was getting her hair done.  The stylist said she tried to call me to see if I wanted Reyna to get a perm and when they didnt get me, they just made the decision on their own.  She use to get perms on a regular and then I started stretching them out only giveing her a perm 3 times a year.  I noticed her hair would go from long to short back to long and short again.  I had hoped she would want to go natural but was not going to pressure her.  I was going to just let her get her hair pressed from now on instead of permed but her choice is different, take a look at the interview....

What is your age and grade?
I am 10 years old in the 5th grade.

Why did you want to go natural? 
I get tired of perms, stinging my head and losing my hair on the sides.  I thought if I go natural I can do what ever to my hair.  So I told my mom I wanted to do what she was doing.  So we both are doing it together. My sister didnt want to go natural, so we let the idea go of the whole family going natural.  Now my mom big chopped which I hated at first because it doesnt seem like her, but I think she is jealous of my beautiful hair.

How long has it been since you had a perm
I got a perm in July last year right before I started school back.

What did your family say when you told them you are going natural?
Well my dad was shocked and then when he saw my moms hair he told me dont get the big chop, i guess he didnt like her hair, and he thought I had to because I wanted to go natural. When I told him I was growing the perm out he was okay with it.

What is your favorite style to wear while you are growing your perm out?
I like the twist, it turns out really good on my hair so we always do that.

I wanna just cut these strands off but she not having it..

natural hair vs permed hair

Flat twist


end result

We will keep you posted on Reyna's natural journey...