Monday, April 11, 2011

...Day 55 Today is a great day....

Don't you just love it and you wake up in the morning and everything goes to plan.  I got up on time, I already knew what I was wearing and Today I used only my "Curls" products on my hair and I love the results.  Im a plan A person and sometimes I don't have a plan B.  So I get frustrated easily if I cant make a decision quick.  Take last thursday for example, I had in mind what I wanted to wear, but then when I put it on I didnt like it...then I started trying on several things and then I ended up wearing what I started out with at then I used a new product on my hair and my hair felt of course bad day all around.  People laugh at me when I say I have to have a run thru at night, choosing what I will wear to work, including shoes...I can't chance 

On another note...I find it so funny how people like to play in my hair.  My daughter is always saying "Mama let me but the Milkshake stuff on your hair"...she wants to pick it out for me....I am like I am not a doll, I don't want you playing in my

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