Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 45....Playing dress up....

Today is Friday!!! Yeah!!!  So this unseasonably winter weather has got me in a funk so...I decided to play dress up to put me in a better and truly, I feel like I am playing dress up everyday.   Since my hair is short, I am finding myself accessorizing more and putting a little eyeshadow on more now during the week.  I really dont think this is any different from when I had permed hair.  If I was having a "bad hair" day, it would seem the world was coming to an end.  Everything just frustrated me, so natural hair is no difference.  The only difference is that you are the only one who knows you are having a bad day.  Everyone else thinks your hair looks fine.  Now I cant just slap some jam and brush my hair back in a ponytail and walk out the door...that is when I miss my permed hair.  That has only happened twice so

I am learning what my colors are, by that I mean what colors give me the glow or complement my skin tone.  So are its: Reds, Purples, Teal Blue/Green, Black and White.  I find when I wear these colors I have an extra pep in my step as I go about my day...I be like "chile please, I could care less what you think"...lmbo...

So I am going to Clairs today to find me some hair accessories.  I was in there a few weeks ago with my daughter and say some small flowers to go in my hair.  I have a few flower head bands that I wore during transition but the flowers make my head look so small, they are just too I have to put them to the side until my hair grow out a little bit more...


  1. Hey check out z outlet. They have tons of flowers and headbands for only $1. The dollar tree is also a good place to find headbands.

  2. ...thanks, I didnt get to go this weekend. I will go this week sometime.