Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Im in between...

You know how it is when your hair is not short but its not long enough either.  That is where I am now.   My hair has grown a lot but now Im frustrated because it just sits there...lol.  So on Sunday I just started playing around with my hair twisting it...see the picture below...I was playing around so it does look kinda funky...lol

That morning I pulled them a loose because I didnt like the lil snakes on my head....however I did like the results.  My hair looked fuller with lots of curls..I think I will do this again this weekend and just take my time by parting smaller and see how it turns out.. 

So this week I think I will not use my trusty "pick"....I will just co-wash and put on my styler but wont pick the curls out which will make my hair look shorter than what it is...remember my hair is longer on the top than the sides so i think it looks really freaky when picked out...lately I have found myself patting my hair down...which reminds me of a 70's movie...lol   Being the PJ (Product Junkie) that I am...I broke down and ordered some Miss Jessie Curl Pudding, so I can test and see what the hype is all about...I only orderd the $7.00 jar...so I wont feel so bad if it doesn't work out...there are so many people that swear by this stuff.....I think its the new hair crack...lol  But anyway...I will post my results once I use it...

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