Monday, April 25, 2011

...Day 68...The results are in....

Its purple...but it goes on clear...and smells really great..

shiny curls

I used Miss Jessis Curly Pudding again this weekend because I didn't want to count her out just yet.  This time I used my Jessiecurls weekly deep conditioner and then put Miss J's Curly Pudding on and WOW!!! I like the way my hair looked and felt and I got a lot of compliments at church on yesterday.  The bad thing I didn't like was I had to put more than a dime size to get it to that point...My hair didn't feel like it normally does with curls, but it was very I am not counting Curly Pudding out...maybe once my hair grows a little bit more, I will revisit this product, and I might get a better result.

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