Monday, April 4, 2011

Are naturals more friendly?

When I am out rocking my TWA everytime I see someone natural I don't know why I want to throw my "fist" in the  saying "Fight the Power"...lmbo...  But seriously that is how I  feel when since I have been natural.  When I am out shopping, at the movies, or out eating dinner and I see a  natural sister there is an instant connection.  We will strike up a conversation in a heartbeat...We both compliment each other on our hair and then start comparing products, sometimes even exchange email addresses or numbers...or even become facebook friends...once again...the support is there....  Its so neat.  The natural community is so acceptable and supportive.  I remember when I first Big Chopped, I called my two natural sisters Amelia and Ingrid...they couldn't be there to hold my hand but they were on the phone with their supportive words that got me through.

When you big chop you are dont know what your head is going to look like, what type of hair you gonna have, what people are going to say..... I don't ever remember stopping and talking to a fellow permer(is that a word)  I remember we might say I like your hair and who did it...and then go and try to get our stylist to duplicate the style.  You can try to duplicate a natural style but the results will be totaly different.  No two natural heads are alike.

I love talking about my hair and my journey with other Natural   They have been there done that...they can relate, I feel like the baby in the family...being a new natural and all...So I have all my big sisters out there to help me on my journey...I have gotten so much advise....however, I am still not letting people touch my hair.  If someone ask...I might say yes...but those people who just walk up and touch, they get the "evil eyes" lol  Sometimes I want to drop kick them because I think that is so rude!!!  Those people you only speak to in passing come up to you and want to touch...WTH!!! I dont know you like that...Okay let me get back on point...excuse me for digressing....LMBO!!!!   #soserious

What do you think???

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