Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 194.....Today is a good day...

So today is day 194...man time sure flies when you are having fun...I decided to take a picture of my hair.  Can you see my curls???  I am so excited.  So after wearing my hair twist and then a twist out for about a week, I felt it was time to go back to my curls....I am loving my hair.

What product am I using today?  Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie...I love this!!!

click on this picture to see those curls pop!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Enjoying my twist out...

After wearing my hair for three days in twist I decided to untwist and see what it looked like...OMG!!! I love the twist out...it stretches your hair out a little bit and it make me look "edgy"...lol  I have gotten so many compliments on my hair I think I will retwist it this week...Im loving it!!!

Me and Ingrid!!! Natural Divas!!

My Sorors!!!! True Love!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

P90X....its time to feel the pain!!!

I woke up this morning and decided today was going to be the day to start this work out routine.  I really need to tone up my midsection.  Well as I watch the video first before I start any of the exercise, I am like I can do this...piece of cake...NOT!!!! as soon as I get on the floor and start I start to feel the pain.  I am going very slow right now...but hopefully in time I will increase from 15 to the 25 reps I am supposed to be doing.  Boot Camp starts next week....so I got to get ready.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Styles

If I was going to give myself a hair break...I had to give Reyna one as well.  So at first she just wanted me to do two puff but I asked her could I try another style...she is such a fun person because she is up for anything.  So I gave her a braided puff...don't she look adorable...well not this picture..she is not smiling...lol  I can't wait for my hair to be longer so I can do more things with it...

Twists - 6 months of natural hair

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning....I really don't feel like being bothered with my hair.  The routine has become kinda boring...I'm either fully washing my hair or I am co-washing my hair...or I am just wetting my two day hair...my hair needs a break. So I decided that no matter how long it took i was going to twist my hair.  I watched several YouTube videos to try to figure out exactly how its is supposed to be done on my short hair..  So I tried it out.  Its not really that hard to do, but its making sure you lay the twist the right way so when they dry it looks cute. This is a picture of what my twist looked like after I did them.
Next time i think I will part smaller...


When I woke up this morning...guess what attack of SHRINKAGE...yes my hair shrunk....so i was thinking about untwisting it...but it took me 1hr and 1/2 to do my hair so I was like what heck...I think I will rock the twist for a couple of days and then untwist will give me a few more days of not touching my hair....i can tell its growing...I pray to the hair gods all the time...asking them to hurry it up...lol

i think i slept on this side so i got some "twist flyers" lol

at work....

I am on the fence whether I really like this style or not...but I am going to tough it out.  I might add some hair candy..that always helps...lol

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School....a new journey

The books you are seeing are not really my books...but yes I am back in school.  Whooohoooo!!! lol  I am so excited today! Today is my first day of classes.   This has been a long time coming and now that it is here I have goosebumps just thinking about it.   A few months ago I was talking to a good friend of mine about feeling like I had my chance, and now it was time to put all my energies into my childrens future...he was like WTH??? Are you serious...Cole (that is his name for me) what is wrong with you?   You should never feel like you have to put your life dreams on hold just because you are a mother...your children will be gone and what will you have??  As I started to think about what he was saying....I realized he was right...I have one child in college already and in 7 years I will have another one off....I dont want to wait until that time to start making a change in my life I need to do it today!!! So with that little pep talk from him I started investigating what I wanted to do....I was running into deadends...so I went into prayer mode..because this was a serious decision that I needed to make and who better than to consult than the holy spirit.  I made a pact with God no more decisions being made without consulting him..So I prayed about it...asking God what could I do with the gifting that I had...I want to make a difference as well as do something I like...so once that prayer was over and I started to research again...it came to me which way to go...and when I tell you doors have opened up for me...OOOOHHHH WEEEEEE i feel like shouting...now when I got on the right path...there were so many obstacles...I knew that this must be the way God wants me to go. 

So here I am about to go to school today. Starting on a new journey...

Monday, August 22, 2011


Today I am taking lots of deep breaths!! lol   Today is Monday and only 12 noon...but I have been tested already...with emails and phone calls filled with BS!!!!   I have found myself almost responding to the emails....but then again I feel a little voice that says "Let Go!" I know that voice is a higher power.   I have this interesting relationship going on with God right now....when I just stop and be silent I can hear him clearly.

So today everyone... "Woooshaaaaaaaaa"  dont sweat the small stuff...take a deep breath and walk away from situations that cause you to get aggravated.....lol

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Product Review: Organic Root Stimulator Lock and Twist Gel

When I was transiting to natural hair, I bought this product to use when I did my flat twist.  It held them together long.  Once I big chopped I put this product back in the basket on the sink because my hair was one inch long.

Since my hair is growing out...I keep looking at the lady on the front of the containers hair...and I want my hair to do that. I have started practicing on my daughters hair so at least one of us can have her hair...lol

Review:  I like this product, my twist look very good.  I found out the hard way, a little goes a long way.  The first time I used it I put way tooo much and my hair was just stuck together it just looked nasty... Then the next time I didn't use as much but my hair was white like I didn't run it in....now I am learning say it with me "Dime Size" is really all you need.  It also didn't dry my hair out.  I give this product 4 stars..

Product Review: Kinky Curly Knot Today

I just wanted to say something about Knot Today.  OMG!!! this stuff is so good!! Some shampoos i try leave my hair all clumped together after I shampoo my hair...(mental note i need to write down the shampoo so I wont use it again, i keep forgetting to do that so its like a vicious cycle...lol...let me get back to the subject).  When I put a dime size of Knot Today in my hair...the clumps just go away.  I detangle and style and all is well in the land of natural hair...lol   I don't know what is in this stuff but it is sooo good.  You know this is like the equivalent to what non naturals say about the creamy crack aka perm...lol 

I love her Twist outs

Okay so Reyna wore a twist for a few days and they were in a twisthawk( if that is even a word)...she didnt want me to take the hair apart.  But finally I convinced her to let me redo it and untwist in the morning.......OMG I love her hair!!! I wished mine would do what hers do....Now you know I know that all natural hair is not the same...lol.  Hopefully when mine gets longer it will look like that.  I didnt take any pictures of my twist but I am redoing my hair tonight so I will promise to take some pictures. 

Routine:  I washed her hair with Kinky Curly Shampoo and Knot Today conditioner...I detangle it before I twist.  Then I used Organic Roots Stimulator Twist and loc gel and shea butter to seal the ends.

getting ready for school.

I dont know why she likes to pose from the side...

love it!!!

oopss i need to close that side up...lol

Monday, August 15, 2011

Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II

Yes I am a Harry Potter fan!!!! I love this movie...it was a great end to the series.  I like the way the wrap up all the loose ends for all the character...I am glad they should why Professor Sned didn't like Harry Potter....all this time he really liked him and was trying to protect him...how would have thought...I kept thinking Dumbador was come back alive...I didn't read the book so I didn't know he was gone for good.  I have really enjoyed all the Harry Potter movies......people tell me they don't watch it because of the witchcraft and spells.....but really???  we all know this stuff is make believe...gimma me a break....anyway I give this movie 5 stars a great end to a wonderful movie.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My first twists....

I two strand twist Reynas hair last night....
two strand twist

side view

she wanted a Mohawk for school...i untwist a few of the twist

finished product

back view with a few twist loose

side view...she is so cool....

I love doing her hair....Now I will attempt to do my own tonight as I watch Big Brother....I love that show!!! lol

Day 175.....

It has been 175 days or you could say 5 months and 1/2 that I have been on this natural journey.  (sigh).  lol  Yes today is one of those days.  I have enjoyed being natural and I look at the money I have really been saving by not going to the salon...but I want a new style so I might be shelling out some big bucks soon.   I also thought about getting a wig....lol  I thought I would never see the day when Nicole Harris would buy a wig...but I need to switch this thing up!!!! lol....I want to try to do the two strand twist on my hair.  Last night I tried them on my daughter and they look so good, but her hair is longer...so I am not sure if I will have the same results..but of course I will give it a try. So tonight as I watch Big Brother I will attempt to twist my hair...so pictures will come tomorrow....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Update on Young Natural Diva....

The products that I am using on my daughters hair right now is Kinky Curly...but I might be changing you know how I am...lol  As promised here are some pictures from the puff we did, i just used the Kinky Curly and Eco Styler gel around the edges...i just used a little because it does flake up and make your hair hard.......

She has the most beautful eyes...
She is right when she said...I am crushing on her hair....I love it...I want a puff!!!

Me and My girl.....reflecting on my love...

So the time is winding down....its almost time for my oldest daughter Brittani to return back to school.. This time it will be a little different, because she will be moving into her own apartment this year....up until now I could count the times that I knew she would be home...because she had to leave the dorm...but now she doesn't have too...which makes me sad...we have been through alot.....the good the bad and the ugly but we have always maintained a great relationship....the saying "we are family because we have no choice but friends because we choose too".  I am her mother but I am also her friend.  I am so proud of my lil gul...lol...  I got to let her go and spread her wings...am I ready?...no I'm not...I'm sad...I feel like im losing my baby....my first born...my ride or die chick..lol....I don't know what the future holds...but I know I have to just trust God....

You might say "You still have Reyna" and yes I do...but I think its something about the 1st born...you know the one that is your practice run...20 years ago I didn't have a clue on how to be a mother, I was trying to make it on my own with a infant child...I was worried about how we were going to eat, or is this the day the light people would come cut off the electricity...or standing on the bus stop waiting to catch the bus to work and to drop the child off at daycare,...or asking for a ride...or taking her to work with me when I didn't have a babysitter..,the sacrifices....,,Times were hard yalll don't hear me!!!  ..Im tearing up as I think back to all those times...now 20 years later here we are......we are embarking on another journey......I don''t know the end result but I do know that I am so proud of my Brittani..... :-))

Im going to end this reflection...because I am tearing up once again..my heart is so heavy...

Product Review: AsIAm Curl Clarity Shampoo

I received this product a few months ago from a friend that went to the National Hair Expo...I got some samples and I am in love.  This product brings out the curls I never knew I had...lol.  The only thing I dont like about the shampoo is that when I am washing my hair it feels so thick I really cant get my hands in there...but when you use the Hydration Elation intensive conditioner......it feels like a flower blooming...my curls just fall out beautifully....

I really like this product...I am going to check out some of the other products from this line.....check out my curls....