Thursday, August 25, 2011

Twists - 6 months of natural hair

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning....I really don't feel like being bothered with my hair.  The routine has become kinda boring...I'm either fully washing my hair or I am co-washing my hair...or I am just wetting my two day hair needs a break. So I decided that no matter how long it took i was going to twist my hair.  I watched several YouTube videos to try to figure out exactly how its is supposed to be done on my short hair..  So I tried it out.  Its not really that hard to do, but its making sure you lay the twist the right way so when they dry it looks cute. This is a picture of what my twist looked like after I did them.
Next time i think I will part smaller...


When I woke up this morning...guess what attack of SHRINKAGE...yes my hair i was thinking about untwisting it...but it took me 1hr and 1/2 to do my hair so I was like what heck...I think I will rock the twist for a couple of days and then untwist will give me a few more days of not touching my hair....i can tell its growing...I pray to the hair gods all the time...asking them to hurry it

i think i slept on this side so i got some "twist flyers" lol

at work....

I am on the fence whether I really like this style or not...but I am going to tough it out.  I might add some hair candy..that always

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