Monday, July 23, 2012

Loving my twist....

Since I cut my hair because of the heat damage I have not wanted to twist my hair because I don't think it turns out right....well, you know me I have to try and try again...until I get it I twist my hair and here are the results...

Look at my hair.. its longer in the back than in the my twist are very interesting....

 This is a side shot you can see the color really good but also see the length difference

 This is the front view...its longer than it was....back in march but still grow why dontcha!!! lol

 untwisting my hair is so looks good doesn't it!! my highlights are POPing!!!

 I just love it!!! Curls everywhere...i love when my hair stands up!

 Final results...on my way to a party!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dinter and a Movie at.........MY HOUSE

So today was very strange...instead of going to my dads home for dinner, I went home and cooked.  Strange indeed.  For the past three or more years I always eat at my dads on Sundays unless I have to work and even then I go by and get me a plate.

What I cook?  I'm glad you  I cooked Broccoli and Chicken Alfredo....and we added salad and Texas toast.  Don't get it twisted...I can cook...i just lead a busy schedule and don't get the chance to cook as often as I would like...but I might have to change was so refreshing not having to drive myself home after

BAM!!! eating off my new plates :-))

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Guess what I am making.....

Hopefully you guess ROTEL DIP...I know the velveta and chips gave it  Well I have to tell you the story because its pretty funny.  So i get up to make the rotel dip and i like to make mine very cheesy....LOVE IT!!!! but anyway I mixed everything and then the secret to my dip is that I use cheese soup.  Well i pull the can out the cabinet and open it...i looked at it and was like ths looks more yellower (is that a word) than usual but I kept going.....after I poured this soup in the pot guess what? it was cream of chicken soup!!! LMBO!!!! i was so upset...the day before i went to the store...looking at the cream of cheese soup but picked up cream of chicken!!! so we have to go back to the store to get more Velveeta was good...everyone ate it and nothing was left but the crock pot liner that I used...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Having a Curly Day

So for the past few weeks I have been very irritated with my hair... I can never get the same results twice.  its either too hard, too dry or just a frizz ball.  So I have resembled to my curl junkie I just placed an order for a few new products.  I am realizing my hair texture has changed but its not the same all over...which sucks...because I need one product to do this one head.  This morning I co washed my hair with As I am Coconut Cowash...I love this stuff...then I pull out an old favorite...Curls Milkshake...these are pictures of what my hair looks like....Its very curly....I have tried twist out two days straight and have not liked it at I think I am going to just wear the curly afo until it grows some more...these are pictures from the back you can click on them to see an up close look...and also one from the front..I think I am going to stop wearing the head bands

Monday, July 9, 2012

Essence Festival 2012

Its that time of year again.  I went to the Essence Festival again.  If you read my post about it last year, if you can remember I had a great time, but I was very tired because we didnt stay down town and we drove in and walked all day!!! So I ventured out again...of course with my girl Ingrid and a few other ladies and we went on this journey again.  Well I had a great time.  Staying downtown is the way to do it...we didnt have to fight traffice not one time....the only traffic was the long lines on the inside trying to get free stuff!!!  Whew let me tell you about free stuff!!! It will turn the nicest person wonder what it turns people that are evil already...hummm let me see, people that are about to fight to get some of that free  Dont worry nobody in my group was fighting over free stuff...

This was the first night, I was trying a new lip color...the girl in so many words talked about how safe and boring I not in a bad way...just I need to get outside the box a little bit...

 Ingrid...she started the whole "red lips" lol  look at her lips POP!

Us at the Ford Stage.  Look at MC Lyte she is so tiny....

The ladies of the show "Single Ladies" stopped by.  Dont you miss Free and AJ from 106 and Park...I wonder if they will go back to host since Terrence J and Rosci are out...

Look at who we bumped into at some I love Peter Thomas...he is so cool....cant wait to go to Bar One in September...he said he will be there and make sure we Holla!!! You know we will lol

Okay so after waiting about One hour in the My Black is Beautiful line to get a T-shirt...we got blessed know I have the gift of they were doing a scent matching show.  Like a dating game but with scents.  It was for the new Gain Detergent line that they have out... well you know how I

This is my scent Butterfly Kisses...

They said to squeeze him and I did :-))

Butterfly Kisses with them soft lips...he kissed both

These are all the scents of Gain...Yes girls I got hugs and kisses from everyone...hahahahah

Monday, July 2, 2012

Curly girl

Yep thats me taking pictures of my hair in the mirror...I was getting ready to go hang out with some friends.  I am loving my color!!!  Its funny how a few months ago...I was not liking my hair...dont get me wrong...I am still praying to the hair gods about my growth...but until it comes in I am trying to have fun with it... :-)!

My color is popping!! Pay no attention to my polka dot curtains...(unless you want to buy me some...donations are welcome...hahahah)...I am still working on my

Finished product...I have really bad shrinkage....When I twist my hair it stays fuller(is that a word) better...