Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stretching out my twist out...

I have been doing the twist out on my hair and I like it...but I think different parts are my hair are growing at different speeds me it doesn't fall the way I want it to.  So I decided to do it a different way.  I asked my cousin to flat twist the front and then I could twist the back of my hair.  I wore my hair this way for about 3 days and then I twist the back out and wore for 3 days and then in the end I untwist and wore my hair all up in a puff.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I finally got in -CURLBOX

I happy to say that I finally got into the curlbox system and was able to subscribe to the monthly subscription.  WOOT WOOT!!!  I know, you are probably saying didn't you have that already but no I had the curl kit.   I actually liked the curl kit but there since I signed up there has been problems after problems...and I have only been a member 5 months.  So I had been stalking the Curlbox website for a about two months trying to get in and this month I got in!!!