Saturday, September 28, 2013

Self Development

My books came in the mail today...I am so excited. I have always felt like I was working on me, but realized I was only working on my spiritual side....I needed to work on my mind as well.  Being in this business has helped me to see that I need to change my thinking if I am to succeed.  This month we are reading Think and Grow Rich.  I will post my thoughts soon.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Girls Night - Sips n Strokes

Over the weekend I help to celebrate a good friend of mines birthday.  She had a birthday party at Sips n strokes. This is a place where you Sip while you paint. Your painting is supposed to look better after you have had enough to drink...or so I have been I had never been and was very excited to go.  I had a great time and I am ready to go back again. Check out the fun below:

Ingrid and Nina
getting ready to paint my masterpiece

Wendy the instructor directing the class

my tools
the birthday girl Kiki is in the middle

Andy and I

Showing off something...I don't know

the beginning of my masterpiece

every stroke gets better as I

the girls

my masterpiece

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Jamaica - Day 3, 4, 5

I was thinking about what I wanted to write about the rest of the week and remembered what happens in Jamaica STAYS in  I wont give you a play by play but I will highlight some of the fun things that we

so his name tag said President...soooo we thought he was the president of the resort!!! Ha that was his last name!!! lol

had to throw in a pool picture...

me sitting on the bed..really my bed since my bed partner decided to sleep on the couch... :-)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jamaica Day Two

Day two was a day packed with a lot of fun and excitement.  The day started off great!!! Some of the workers asked us did we want to taste fresh coconut....sure why not.  That stuff tasted  I think I might have tasted better if it was cold...
Coconut tree

he is opening the excited!!

Ingrid with her coconut water

Me with my coconut water

all of us

We went Negril and Ricks Café.  I read a lot of reviews and the reviewers mentioned Ricks Café as the best spot to visit.  Honestly I didn't like Rick's Café.  Or maybe I should say it wasn't all that the reviews made it out to be.  I guess it would be a spot to like if you wanna eat and watch people jump off the clip. Sounds exciting right....NOT!!! lol  It was okay but after about an hour I was

waiting on the bus to come pick us up to take us to Negril!!

On the bus they look too happy!!!
Ricks Cafe

Jumping off the cliff

She is getting ready to jump

From the jumpers view

Love this sign

This one of the guys jumping off the cliff

Andy finally got her some grilled Lobster...she is sooooo happy!!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Jamaica - Day 1 continued...

After 5 hours of traveling we are finally at the Resort!!! So excited.  The first thing we did we when got there after check in was to go find some food!!! I was starving.  The only restaurant open was the buffet dining.  It was pretty good...most people that know me, know I cant stand buffet places...but this one was a little different. 

Next we finally get to go to our rooms and start to explore the resort.  It was so beautiful in Jamaica.
Here are a few pictures of the scenery.

This picture is from our balcony..

Nothing much exciting happened this day..of course we had just arrived so it was more of the exploring of the resort.  However we did find out that this resort did not have a real was a beach but it was man made... :-(

My Ingrid....on the man made

Friday, September 6, 2013

Jamaica - Day 1

The day has finally come when we actually travel to Jamaica.  I am so excited...let me just say we are all excited.  I don't even think I slept any that night because I was so excited.  Let the drama begin...

When we went through the airport check point, of course my bag was flagged and they had to check my case with my everything went through but I had to leave my new crest toothpaste and my curl cream!!! UGGGGGHHHH good thing I still had some other hair products in my case.  Here is a picture of what my case looks like...its still packed from the trip...I haven't unpacked it yet.

Finally I got through the check point...a few hurt feelings about my hair products..but guess what I was on the way to JAMAICA!!!!!  So no complaints over here...

OMG leaving the USA soil....