Monday, February 28, 2011

A Tragic Loss....

I learned on Thursday February 24th that someone I knew killed himself and his wife who I also knew.  I found myself stalking the news because I wanted the news that I had just gotten to be incorrect.  Sadly to say that infact he did take his life as well as his wife's life.  I started contacting people to try to piece together the story.  I couldnt believe this because this couple always looked so happy together.  The wife was always smiling, which made me wonder what could have happen.  Then the image I had of them start to unravel, they were actually going thru a divorce, there were abuse speculation, jealousy...just  a whole lot of things to lead me to this was not a perfect marriage after all....behind the beautiful smile the wife always had was hurt.  This incident saddens me, it saddens me because people go to church every Sunday and Wednesday and hear the word of God and don't put it into practice.  I kept asking what could possibly be so bad that you take the life of someone you claim to love and your own.  

Sometimes we look at others and wish we had their wife or husband, or wished we had their job or just wish we were them, not knowing that we dont have all the story or know what they are having to endure to be where they are.   This young lady went to work on Thursday, not knowing that, that day would be her last time to go to her job, she probably told people "See ya tomorrow", not knowing that, that would be her last conversation that she would hold with the people in her life, not knowing it would be her last time to hug her son to tell him she loved him....Now this son has no mother or father, and once he gets older he will have so many questions that he will probably never get an answer too, because the only people who know the truth are his mother, his father and GOD.

Such a tragic loss....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fro Fashion Weekend...

I attended the 1st semi annual Fro Fashion Weekend in ATL with my friend Ingrid last weekend.   What a great experience I had.  I acutally big chopped on February 17th and then headed to ATL the next day.  I wasnt feeling all that great about the decision that I had just made the night before.  But when I walked into the Crown Plaza naturalness (is that a was embraced.  I was amazed at all the styles that I saw.  You know how you look at someone's hair and you be like, I want my hair like that, and your stylist can hook you up....well with natural hair that is not the case, I found out no two heads are the same.  THe textures are all different, and what one product might do for you it might not work on someone else. This was a great learning experience...Going Natural is nothing to take lightly.  My favorite part of the weekend: receiving my SWAG BAG filled with all types of product to try out.  I dont have a favorite product yet, but I am working on it.  For those interested there will be another Fro Fashion Weekend in September.  I have posted a few pictures from that weekend....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to work....

I went to work yesterday unsure of what kind of reaction I would receive.  Interesting enough everyone was just as excited as I was about my new look.  The only question I received was "Can I touch it"  Of course I said NO!!  I actually felt like a different person.  I had an extra pep in my step, I felt more confident, more bolder in the decisions I made.  Can you believe it...having Natural Hair has empowered me, which is a good thing.  Its like if I can step out and cut all my hair off and like it...what else can I step out and do and also like.   This journey is becoming everything I had hoped it would be.



Monday, February 21, 2011

Going Natural

When I tell people I am going  natural, I always get the question of why.  Why would you go natural?  You gonna wear that lil afro? Are you going to be an activist?  Those are just a few of the questions I got.  Why did I go natural?  I went natural for a lot of reasons.  First i was tired of getting burnt every 8 weeks.  I didnt matter if I greased my hair everyday leading up to the perm, i still burned.  I was tired of patting my head so I wouldnt scratch my head. The worst is getting your hair spritzed after a perm....I would scream Bloody Murder everytime I got the spritz.  I knew there had got to be a better way.  So i started to research natural hair and then wondered what did mine look like underneath all these years of perm.  So i started my natural Journey.  I started out transitioning with just getting my hair flat ironed every two weeks.  I noticed everytime, the flat irons got hotter and hotter with every visit.  I thought this cant be good.  I found out that its not expecially if i want to wear my natural hair sometime.  So I went cold turkey and just started getting rods.  This worked for the few months of my transition but then my hair started fighting each other.  It was good vs evil.  Natural Hair vs Permed Hair...let me tell you it was getting very ugly.  I was fed up with my hair and decided to take control.  So on February 17, 2011, I ended my hair war.

Tell me what you think of my Big Chop.