Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cooking Challenge...

Right now I feeling like Chef Gordon Ramsey is going to start shouting at me any minute. So I guess I am getting tired of the cooking jokes that the family and friends have been making. Let me just say...I cook...I just don't cook with fat back, and make all that fired stuff and foods full of calories and fat...giving me high cholesterol... I mean yes from time to time I eat that stuff but I just don't cook it.  I am a busy woman so really I don't have time to be trying to cook a lot of stuff...I love casseroles and one pot dishes...I have several cook books at home..so I decided to make something out of the book every weekend.  Its hard during the week because I don't get home till after 8:30 most nights.  This is going to be fun I guess  :-O  lol.   I feel like I am on several journeys all at the same time.. lol 

Trying a new product

Those who know me...know that I am a product junkie!!!  So with sitting on my hands for a while and not buy anything...I have decided to buy something...I saw on YouTube a lady did a twist out using Carols Daughter Hair Pudding...I know she did a revamp on her products..so..I can't want till my products come in...I'm so EXCITED!!!!! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

GYM Time

Its that time again...I have decided to stop putting off going to the gym.  I want the change in my body but don't want to do what you got to do to get the results.....Lazy huh??  lol  I will say it..."Yes I am being lazy"... Well lazy no more...I went to the gym yesterday and moved my membership to the one close to my house.  So that is a start....well I also worked out and it felt so good...I was really working it...in 45 minutes I burned 345 calories...I was dripping sweat....***Note to self...don't wear gray gym pants because you can see the sweat EVERYWHERE...I'm talking about in the crotch area, my butt, my arm pits...just crazy...I really didn't care because the girl is trying to get her body ready for Jamaica...#BOOM!!! lol  I am glad Im natural, because my hair would have been a fool!!!  I am going to post some pictures of my before body...I am just trying to get comfortable with that...so we will see....maybe after I start to look and feel better about my body, I might post...we will see....

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Living in a swamp land...

Today I decided to sit on the deck and study...OMG!!! I was like what is really going on...my back yard looks very scary...I don't know what is growing out there...lol  It really looks like the swamp land back there....check it out for yourself...

and it looks like i have two different grass textures out there...you see some of the grass is defined and some is not....lol  ( i sound like I am describing my hair...lol)

Lets just say...I spoke to the gardener to find out had he forgot about me...he said nooooo its just its been raining alot...I was like okay...i was worried....I am not at the point were I am ready to go out to the yard to mow it yet....I have a friend who wanted to point out..."I need a man"...WTH???  That is not a reason to need a man...if I had a lawn mower I think I would have gone out to try to attempt to do it...but even then I don't know...I'm just not there yet...lol  I am not an outdoor person...well let me just say I like to sit outside and sip wine...I don't like to be outside to work!!! lol   WHAT??? Do judge me i am just keeping it real!!! OKAY!!! lol

Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Reyna!!!

Today is Reyna's Birthday...She is 12!!!  it seems just like yesterday I gave birth to her...:-).  Well she is turning into a beautiful sweet young lady.  We are getting ready to hit the town and just have a great day!

This is her favorite gift that she got for her birthday!! She wants to make slushies for everyone!!!

We are sooooo cool!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 541

Oh wow!!  I am 541 days natural...WOOT WOOT!!!! Its been a long journey...but I have enjoyed every ride on my natural journey.  When people tell me that they are considering or ask me question...I am the first to say...its not for everyone..You got to be ready for what comes with it...Some people will like it...some people will hate it...and everyone is vocal and have an opinion about it, which some times can piss you off and you want to SLAP them!! lol...but of course you cant do that, but I'm telling you I am tempted!!! lol 

Reyna gave me a Fro Hawk....i kinda like it...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Morning Hair.....

man my forehead seems really big from this side... :-)

Today I decided to just wear a head band...those ouchless bands been giving me a headache...I stretched it out...but you know sometimes the tightness just stay there.  My hair is so curly and shrink so bad.....my hair is still a little damp and i am pretty sure it will shrink back down before the day is over... :-(.  I am still sending prayers up to the hair Gods because I need my hair back...i can tell its been growing since the second big chop but i wish it would hurry up already...lol  I get frustrated but I love my hair and no matter how unhappy I am with it...i will not turn to the creamy crack!!! LMBO!!!!

side view

Front view...whats up with my hair line...lol

on the way to work!!!