Monday, August 6, 2012

Morning Hair.....

man my forehead seems really big from this side... :-)

Today I decided to just wear a head band...those ouchless bands been giving me a headache...I stretched it out...but you know sometimes the tightness just stay there.  My hair is so curly and shrink so hair is still a little damp and i am pretty sure it will shrink back down before the day is over... :-(.  I am still sending prayers up to the hair Gods because I need my hair back...i can tell its been growing since the second big chop but i wish it would hurry up  I get frustrated but I love my hair and no matter how unhappy I am with it...i will not turn to the creamy crack!!! LMBO!!!!

side view

Front view...whats up with my hair

on the way to work!!!

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