Monday, August 20, 2012

GYM Time

Its that time again...I have decided to stop putting off going to the gym.  I want the change in my body but don't want to do what you got to do to get the results.....Lazy huh??  lol  I will say it..."Yes I am being lazy"... Well lazy no more...I went to the gym yesterday and moved my membership to the one close to my house.  So that is a start....well I also worked out and it felt so good...I was really working 45 minutes I burned 345 calories...I was dripping sweat....***Note to self...don't wear gray gym pants because you can see the sweat EVERYWHERE...I'm talking about in the crotch area, my butt, my arm pits...just crazy...I really didn't care because the girl is trying to get her body ready for Jamaica...#BOOM!!! lol  I am glad Im natural, because my hair would have been a fool!!!  I am going to post some pictures of my before body...I am just trying to get comfortable with we will see....maybe after I start to look and feel better about my body, I might post...we will see....

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