Sunday, August 19, 2012

Living in a swamp land...

Today I decided to sit on the deck and study...OMG!!! I was like what is really going back yard looks very scary...I don't know what is growing out  It really looks like the swamp land back there....check it out for yourself...

and it looks like i have two different grass textures out see some of the grass is defined and some is  ( i sound like I am describing my

Lets just say...I spoke to the gardener to find out had he forgot about me...he said nooooo its just its been raining alot...I was like okay...i was worried....I am not at the point were I am ready to go out to the yard to mow it yet....I have a friend who wanted to point out..."I need a man"...WTH???  That is not a reason to need a man...if I had a lawn mower I think I would have gone out to try to attempt to do it...but even then I don't know...I'm just not there  I am not an outdoor person...well let me just say I like to sit outside and sip wine...I don't like to be outside to work!!! lol   WHAT??? Do judge me i am just keeping it real!!! OKAY!!! lol

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