Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Morning...

Good Morning!!!! I was feeling pretty here is my feeling GREAT  Oh and I got a new headband...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Playing Games....

I was watching a talkshow the other day and the men/women were bringing their significant other on to tell them they cheated or that they were the other woman/man because they were already in a relationship.  Wow...that is crazy.    Its time to grow up.  Stop doing things as if you dont know better.  I think that if you are a male/female in a relationship but you meet someone else and want to get with them.  Tell them that your situation off the bat.  Give them the opportunity to weigh the information and then deciede if they are going to proceed or not.  To much time is wasted on people that really didnt know what they wanted in the first place.  Put your cards on the table...I can respect a person more if they are upfont and honest about their situation.  You are taking the choice away from the other person...then they all caught up in something that they could have otherwise avoided.   Lets leave the games to the kids....that is my two cents for today.  :-))

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 119...still learning...and frustrated

Today is Day 119 and I am still learning lessons of having natural hair.  I will be on a store run later today to restock my basket in the bathroom.  On a previous post I mentioned that I am out of products.  I feel like I am having withdrawals because I haven't been able to go to purchase anything because of my I am freaking  I kept asking myself, why did I run out of products, besides not having time to go to the store there was an obvious reasons.  I was using all my good stuff on a daily basis.  When I was co-washing my hair I was using my Curls Coconut Colada every time. So yes I ran out of that.  Then on to my CURLS products....Then I started using my Shea Moisture..I liked the shampoo and conditioner just not the smoothie styler.  I ran out of that...I am still learning on this journey... Right now I am frustrated...but I know I will be smiling after I leave the store... :-))

I should come up with a regimen that will help me not use all my good products up....I have to use the most expensive when I fully wash my hair and then use my least expensive when I am co-washing...

Hopefully sticking to this will help me with keeping my supply of products to last longer.  In my case you never

Product Review: BioInfusion....

I was in a panic on yesterday because I ran out of my styler products for my hair.  I went to Walgreens to pick up some Shea Moisture for my hair until I could get to Whole Foods to buy me some stuff.  Well I saw this brand at Walgreens and it was on sale 2 for $11.99 so I was like this might be okay...I read the back of the bottle and went online trying to find reviews on the product.

Conditioning Shampoo 
 this shampoo does not condition like the bottle says. 
- my hair felt very tangled
- it smelled very good

 Leave in Conditioner
- smell a little funky
- left my hair very dry and crunchy.  

So I am back to the store on today to get me something that will rehydrate my curls...that will hopefully make my curls forgive me for not taking care of  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cleaning out my driveway......

I talked about Cleaning out the driveway in my heart a few weeks ago.  After reading the Steve Harvey's latest book. I agreed with him that it was time.   I had a friend that asked me recently why did me and Man "A" breakup ( I will not say the names to protect the  And at first I started telling her that he wasn't ready for what I was ready for...but the more I spoke I had to admit to myself that he just didn't make me happy.  We were opposites.  People say opposites attract, but that is not always a great thing.  I am an Extrovert and that means full of energy, like to do things, just all over the place...(in my case) and I really need someone that is able to compliment that side of me.  I am not the energizer bunny I do know how to have quite  I found myself being less of an extrovert to please him....but he wasn't doing anything on his part to please me. 

On to Mr B... In the beginning, I liked him...we hung out..but he started doing things that I cant stand...he started lying...and his actions didn't line up with what he was said.  Then he had a good argument and he would make me feel like he was right and I was wrong.  The worst pet peeve of mine is that he would act as if nothing ever happened..."Where do they do that at?"   I address the matter on several occasions but of course I was holding on to the past(so he says)..I believe that if  I tell you that you are doing something that hurts my feeling then it is your job to fix it, especially if you care about me.....but I guess he never saw any fault in himself......SMH...that handbook that all men read they need a new author to give them better material.

As I watched the movie "BrownSugar"  there was a line in the movie that Sanaa Latham's character says about your heart not doing what your mind tells it to do. Why is that? I want a clean slate.....So I cleaned out my driveway...and getting both Mr A and Mr B off the bricks in my heart made me feel lighter.  They were taking up way too much space in my heart, I knew this, because I was still taking the occasional call or text from them.  So I had to let go.

With my driveway now cleaned out...I am waiting on God to send me my brand new car :-).

Update on my natural journey etc....

I have been so busy I haven't been able to blog.  I have so much to blog about so I might post two or three times  I have been on the search to find some hair candy I like.  I found a brown headband with a flower that is really will come soon.I started going to a Zumba class, which I think I am going to like.  I am reminded how rhythemless (is that a word)..I am. Especially when it comes to rotating my hips...I even make myself laugh.   I started back at the gym last month and I love the fact I don't have to worry about my hair...I think that makes me work even harder.  :-)).  Father's Day weekend is coming up and I am trying to decide what to get my dad.  He is so picky.  Unfortunately I have to work, so I probably wont get to see him, ill just send my gift.  He is always at Lowes, so my daughter suggested a gift card....

What is up with men and natural hair?  I had a man just yesterday come up and touch my hair...he was like "I love this"  I was like okay but do you have to touch it.  He must not have gotten the memo about not touching my hair.  Because I knew him, I didn't hurt him too bad.  lol

My daughter will get the rest of  the perm cut off her hair on Wednesday...I am so excited.  She is getting braids the next day for the summer, but it will be exciting to see what her hair looks like all over.  I will most definitely post pictures.

I was so bombed out that Miami Heat lost the NBA Finals on Sunday.  I am a D-Wade and James fan, that I was sad for them.  But even though they didn't win, they still went to the finals.  So I want them to keep their head up and don't let the negative talk bother them.  I am happy for the Dallas Mavericks...especially Jason Kidd....he has been wanting that win so bad and he finally got at least a well deserving team won...torn emotions....

A Product Junkie....with no products...

Yes its true...I am out of stuff!!! I have been so busy this past month that I have not restocked my shelf.  Now I have some products, but nothing that I like.  So lately I have just been conditioning my hair and using shea butter.  So I guess I am rocking my natural curl without any styler to define my curls.    I cant upload a picture, because I have to buy a memory card for my phone... :-((.  There are some new products on my list that I want to try...Abba, CURLS (target brand) Crume Brule (i think that is what its called)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Whats on your Bucket List???

Do you see this bucket?  Do you think its pretty?  lol....I like this bucket because its my favorite color...not only because of that but because of what the things inside the bucket symbolizes.  I wanted to start a list of things I want to do, places I want to see and people I want to meet.  When I started writing things down on my list...I would laugh at myself for not doing some of the things sooner.  Here are a couple of things... learn how to swim, visit another country, backpack somewhere, travel to Africa, get tickets to see the live taping of the talk show Ellen, I want to buy a piece of vintage a cabinet or dresser and restore it back to a beautiful piece.....etc..I'm sure you get the picture...I want to do a 

There is so much to learn on Life's Journey and I have found that playing it safe does not let you get the best out of that life.  Don't get me wrong I wont be doing anything   I can remember never trying something and then when I finally did, I could kick myself for not doing it sooner.  People that know me know that if I go out to eat, I have to prepare and get the menu ahead of time, because all those choices overwhelm me and I can't decide...needless to say I have always been the last to order.  But lately, I have been open to trying new things...just make a choice and stick with far so

If you are not one of those people that just lives by the seat of their pants...but you want to venture out in small doses...start you up a bucket might find that some of the those things really are possible.  Try to do one thing every month...I will start in July, I have a big trip coming up that I have always wanted to go on but would make excuses for why I can' as the adventure beings...stay tuned..

Day 106.....

Today is day 106.  Yes I like saying the days than saying five  Wow it seems like just yesterday I cut my hair and was so excited about becoming a natural diva.  Boy does the time fly.  I wanted to revisit today.  106 days ago I started a blog to help me with my journey.  Little did I know that this journey would lead me to other things. I have met so many great people on this journey.  I am a "certified" PJ now.  I love trying new products.  I still haven't found the a styling product that I am crazy about yet...but I am not giving up. 

My hair is growing, but I have yet to try a comb twist.  I just can't get into that for right now I am still rocking my TWA.   I have noticed that my hair is thicker than when I had a perm.   All the sores have healed in my head, no more dry patches in my head (i dont know if that was because of the perm, but we will just say so)