Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 106.....

Today is day 106.  Yes I like saying the days than saying five  Wow it seems like just yesterday I cut my hair and was so excited about becoming a natural diva.  Boy does the time fly.  I wanted to revisit today.  106 days ago I started a blog to help me with my journey.  Little did I know that this journey would lead me to other things. I have met so many great people on this journey.  I am a "certified" PJ now.  I love trying new products.  I still haven't found the a styling product that I am crazy about yet...but I am not giving up. 

My hair is growing, but I have yet to try a comb twist.  I just can't get into that for right now I am still rocking my TWA.   I have noticed that my hair is thicker than when I had a perm.   All the sores have healed in my head, no more dry patches in my head (i dont know if that was because of the perm, but we will just say so)

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