Thursday, May 26, 2011

Straight Chaser...

 I re-visted this book after seeing an associate reading it.  She said that she is trying to understand her husband and their relationship.  This book is very interesting.  I also read his other book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man".  When I read that book I thought a lot of the topics he spoke on were "common sense", but that was because I had experienced a few of those things. 

However, this book was different for me.  I highlighted and underlined some of the sentences.  One Chapter in the book, Chapter 5, was where I lingered the most.  He talked about "Getting yourself ready for a committment".  At first I was like..."I am ready"...I started thinking about all of my characteristics and I said "I am good"....but as I read it I realize..."I wasn't".  Steve used the story of when he wanted a new car.  He had a car but it was broke down and busted in the front yard sitting on blocks.    He kept asking his mother about the new car...and she told him that the old car was out in the yard on blocks...she said this everytime he said something about a new car...then finally he asked her what that meant.  She told him that if he got a new car, where was he going to put it, if the old car was already there taking up space.   She also said if you are going to ask God for something, act like he is going to give it to you and make ready to recieve it.  In the end he clean that spot and got a new car.  

Steve told this story to analyze women who are looking for a committed relationship, and what we need to do to get ready.  We need to get those ex-boyfriends, husbands, the blocks in the driveways of our hearts.  When I read that I was like wow...that makesa whole lot of sense.  Because if I am still in conversation with a guy I used to date or liked...or someone I was intimate with...that is holding me back from receiving what God has for me.  My mind was not going to be available for someone new..As women because we have our ex's on the blocks in our heart...we look for signs that the new man is going to hurt us, or cheat or get the picture...

I continued to read the chapter and he gave some very helpful suggestion on once you get those broke down vehicles out of your yard, how do you clean up to get ready to receive a new and better model.  This chapter has really helped me because I know I have some baggage from way back when still sitting in my driveway...not wanting to let go....because I felt like I wont see the signs if I got rid of it.....then God reminded me that is what he is here for..."discernment" just have to seek me, stay close to me so I can guide you.  You don't need that stuff if you got me - love God... :-)

My journey has changed a little now.....this journey will make me ready for commitment.  You know I am a firm believer of things just don't happen by accident.  God tells me things, but sometimes he has to use a different person to get the point across.  I had read this book...but I skimmed the pages because it was a book club pick and I hadn't read it and I needed to know something when I got to the meeting...but when I revisited the book, I took my time.  I was asking God the question "When" earlier that day when I saw my associate and we got to talking and that night I pulled my book out and guess what I turned to Chapter 5. 

To all my girls out there that is saying "When is it my time Lord"..."When am I going to find a man worthy of me"......ask yourself what kind of vehicle is on blocks in the driveway of your heart....Call the tow truck girls and get that junk wagon outta get ready to receive the man who is worthy of you......

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