Friday, May 20, 2011

Trying a Staw Set

I am fighting a hair battle with my daughters hair.  You know I want to just cut off the rest of her perm out...but I cant make that choice for her.  So reading one of the blogs I decied to try a staw set.  I bought all my tools(setting lotion, roller paper, bobby  pins, and bag of straws) on yesterday and I did it.  It turned out really pretty.  I think we like this better than a flat twist out...

the top of her hair...she added a headband because due to perm damage her natural hair in the front is shorter.

the diva coming

the back...looks like little snakes...
Now that I have done it one time...I feel like I know what to do to make it look even better the next time. The test will be tonight when she goes to sleep and how it looks in the morning.  If it looks great then this will be our staple style until she is all the way natural.  I am praying it stays looking good...I don't want to fight

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  1. What did it look like the next day? Did this style work for you baby girl?