Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 119...still learning...and frustrated

Today is Day 119 and I am still learning lessons of having natural hair.  I will be on a store run later today to restock my basket in the bathroom.  On a previous post I mentioned that I am out of products.  I feel like I am having withdrawals because I haven't been able to go to purchase anything because of my I am freaking  I kept asking myself, why did I run out of products, besides not having time to go to the store there was an obvious reasons.  I was using all my good stuff on a daily basis.  When I was co-washing my hair I was using my Curls Coconut Colada every time. So yes I ran out of that.  Then on to my CURLS products....Then I started using my Shea Moisture..I liked the shampoo and conditioner just not the smoothie styler.  I ran out of that...I am still learning on this journey... Right now I am frustrated...but I know I will be smiling after I leave the store... :-))

I should come up with a regimen that will help me not use all my good products up....I have to use the most expensive when I fully wash my hair and then use my least expensive when I am co-washing...

Hopefully sticking to this will help me with keeping my supply of products to last longer.  In my case you never

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