Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cleaning out my driveway......

I talked about Cleaning out the driveway in my heart a few weeks ago.  After reading the Steve Harvey's latest book. I agreed with him that it was time.   I had a friend that asked me recently why did me and Man "A" breakup ( I will not say the names to protect the innocent...lol).  And at first I started telling her that he wasn't ready for what I was ready for...but the more I spoke I had to admit to myself that he just didn't make me happy.  We were opposites.  People say opposites attract, but that is not always a great thing.  I am an Extrovert and that means full of energy, like to do things, just all over the place...(in my case) and I really need someone that is able to compliment that side of me.  I am not the energizer bunny I do know how to have quite time...lol.  I found myself being less of an extrovert to please him....but he wasn't doing anything on his part to please me. 

On to Mr B... In the beginning, I liked him...we hung out..but he started doing things that I cant stand...he started lying...and his actions didn't line up with what he was said.  Then he had a good argument and he would make me feel like he was right and I was wrong.  The worst pet peeve of mine is that he would act as if nothing ever happened..."Where do they do that at?"   I address the matter on several occasions but of course I was holding on to the past(so he says)..I believe that if  I tell you that you are doing something that hurts my feeling then it is your job to fix it, especially if you care about me.....but I guess he never saw any fault in himself......SMH...that handbook that all men read suck...lol... they need a new author to give them better material.

As I watched the movie "BrownSugar"  there was a line in the movie that Sanaa Latham's character says about your heart not doing what your mind tells it to do. Why is that? I want a clean slate.....So I cleaned out my driveway...and getting both Mr A and Mr B off the bricks in my heart made me feel lighter.  They were taking up way too much space in my heart, I knew this, because I was still taking the occasional call or text from them.  So I had to let go.

With my driveway now cleaned out...I am waiting on God to send me my brand new car :-).

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