Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Playing Games....

I was watching a talkshow the other day and the men/women were bringing their significant other on to tell them they cheated or that they were the other woman/man because they were already in a relationship.  Wow...that is crazy.    Its time to grow up.  Stop doing things as if you dont know better.  I think that if you are a male/female in a relationship but you meet someone else and want to get with them.  Tell them that your situation off the bat.  Give them the opportunity to weigh the information and then deciede if they are going to proceed or not.  To much time is wasted on people that really didnt know what they wanted in the first place.  Put your cards on the table...I can respect a person more if they are upfont and honest about their situation.  You are taking the choice away from the other person...then they all caught up in something that they could have otherwise avoided.   Lets leave the games to the kids....that is my two cents for today.  :-))

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