Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Product Review: BioInfusion....

I was in a panic on yesterday because I ran out of my styler products for my hair.  I went to Walgreens to pick up some Shea Moisture for my hair until I could get to Whole Foods to buy me some stuff.  Well I saw this brand at Walgreens and it was on sale 2 for $11.99 so I was like this might be okay...I read the back of the bottle and went online trying to find reviews on the product.

Conditioning Shampoo 
 this shampoo does not condition like the bottle says. 
- my hair felt very tangled
- it smelled very good

 Leave in Conditioner
- smell a little funky
- left my hair very dry and crunchy.  

So I am back to the store on today to get me something that will rehydrate my curls...that will hopefully make my curls forgive me for not taking care of  

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