Monday, February 21, 2011

Going Natural

When I tell people I am going  natural, I always get the question of why.  Why would you go natural?  You gonna wear that lil afro? Are you going to be an activist?  Those are just a few of the questions I got.  Why did I go natural?  I went natural for a lot of reasons.  First i was tired of getting burnt every 8 weeks.  I didnt matter if I greased my hair everyday leading up to the perm, i still burned.  I was tired of patting my head so I wouldnt scratch my head. The worst is getting your hair spritzed after a perm....I would scream Bloody Murder everytime I got the spritz.  I knew there had got to be a better way.  So i started to research natural hair and then wondered what did mine look like underneath all these years of perm.  So i started my natural Journey.  I started out transitioning with just getting my hair flat ironed every two weeks.  I noticed everytime, the flat irons got hotter and hotter with every visit.  I thought this cant be good.  I found out that its not expecially if i want to wear my natural hair sometime.  So I went cold turkey and just started getting rods.  This worked for the few months of my transition but then my hair started fighting each other.  It was good vs evil.  Natural Hair vs Permed Hair...let me tell you it was getting very ugly.  I was fed up with my hair and decided to take control.  So on February 17, 2011, I ended my hair war.

Tell me what you think of my Big Chop.



  1. Nicole - I love it, you look awesome!!! God made you naturally beautiful and you will love the final results. Call me if you need support...I'm going on 5 months now :-) Lilliea, LBB.

  2. Thanks Ladies...

    @ Liliea...its so good to hear from you. I didnt know you were going natural. Do you have a blog, if so join mine and i will join yours so we can keep in touch. I just went to Fro Fashion Weekend, i will be posting pictures soon....ttyl...