Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jamaica Day Two

Day two was a day packed with a lot of fun and excitement.  The day started off great!!! Some of the workers asked us did we want to taste fresh coconut....sure why not.  That stuff tasted  I think I might have tasted better if it was cold...
Coconut tree

he is opening the excited!!

Ingrid with her coconut water

Me with my coconut water

all of us

We went Negril and Ricks Café.  I read a lot of reviews and the reviewers mentioned Ricks Café as the best spot to visit.  Honestly I didn't like Rick's Café.  Or maybe I should say it wasn't all that the reviews made it out to be.  I guess it would be a spot to like if you wanna eat and watch people jump off the clip. Sounds exciting right....NOT!!! lol  It was okay but after about an hour I was

waiting on the bus to come pick us up to take us to Negril!!

On the bus they look too happy!!!
Ricks Cafe

Jumping off the cliff

She is getting ready to jump

From the jumpers view

Love this sign

This one of the guys jumping off the cliff

Andy finally got her some grilled Lobster...she is sooooo happy!!!

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