Monday, September 9, 2013

Jamaica - Day 1 continued...

After 5 hours of traveling we are finally at the Resort!!! So excited.  The first thing we did we when got there after check in was to go find some food!!! I was starving.  The only restaurant open was the buffet dining.  It was pretty good...most people that know me, know I cant stand buffet places...but this one was a little different. 

Next we finally get to go to our rooms and start to explore the resort.  It was so beautiful in Jamaica.
Here are a few pictures of the scenery.

This picture is from our balcony..

Nothing much exciting happened this day..of course we had just arrived so it was more of the exploring of the resort.  However we did find out that this resort did not have a real was a beach but it was man made... :-(

My Ingrid....on the man made

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