Thursday, July 12, 2012

Having a Curly Day

So for the past few weeks I have been very irritated with my hair... I can never get the same results twice.  its either too hard, too dry or just a frizz ball.  So I have resembled to my curl junkie I just placed an order for a few new products.  I am realizing my hair texture has changed but its not the same all over...which sucks...because I need one product to do this one head.  This morning I co washed my hair with As I am Coconut Cowash...I love this stuff...then I pull out an old favorite...Curls Milkshake...these are pictures of what my hair looks like....Its very curly....I have tried twist out two days straight and have not liked it at I think I am going to just wear the curly afo until it grows some more...these are pictures from the back you can click on them to see an up close look...and also one from the front..I think I am going to stop wearing the head bands

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