Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I love her Twist outs

Okay so Reyna wore a twist for a few days and they were in a twisthawk( if that is even a word)...she didnt want me to take the hair apart.  But finally I convinced her to let me redo it and untwist in the morning.......OMG I love her hair!!! I wished mine would do what hers do....Now you know I know that all natural hair is not the same...lol.  Hopefully when mine gets longer it will look like that.  I didnt take any pictures of my twist but I am redoing my hair tonight so I will promise to take some pictures. 

Routine:  I washed her hair with Kinky Curly Shampoo and Knot Today conditioner...I detangle it before I twist.  Then I used Organic Roots Stimulator Twist and loc gel and shea butter to seal the ends.

getting ready for school.

I dont know why she likes to pose from the side...

love it!!!

oopss i need to close that side up...lol

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