Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School....a new journey

The books you are seeing are not really my books...but yes I am back in school.  Whooohoooo!!! lol  I am so excited today! Today is my first day of classes.   This has been a long time coming and now that it is here I have goosebumps just thinking about it.   A few months ago I was talking to a good friend of mine about feeling like I had my chance, and now it was time to put all my energies into my childrens future...he was like WTH??? Are you serious...Cole (that is his name for me) what is wrong with you?   You should never feel like you have to put your life dreams on hold just because you are a mother...your children will be gone and what will you have??  As I started to think about what he was saying....I realized he was right...I have one child in college already and in 7 years I will have another one off....I dont want to wait until that time to start making a change in my life I need to do it today!!! So with that little pep talk from him I started investigating what I wanted to do....I was running into deadends...so I went into prayer mode..because this was a serious decision that I needed to make and who better than to consult than the holy spirit.  I made a pact with God no more decisions being made without consulting him..So I prayed about it...asking God what could I do with the gifting that I had...I want to make a difference as well as do something I like...so once that prayer was over and I started to research again...it came to me which way to go...and when I tell you doors have opened up for me...OOOOHHHH WEEEEEE i feel like shouting...now when I got on the right path...there were so many obstacles...I knew that this must be the way God wants me to go. 

So here I am about to go to school today. Starting on a new journey...

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