Friday, April 1, 2011

...Interview with a Young Natural Reyna

Reyna in transition

I decided to interview my daughter Reyna about her natural journey.  When I tell most people I am going natural and so is she they automatically think I made this decision for her.  WRONG???   She made it on her own.  When Reyna was little she had naturally curly hair, then it went to kinky curly...I would put water and Jam on it and it would look so pretty but mid-afternoon it would be a puffy  I really didnt know how to take care of it. When she was 8 my stylist made the decision to perm her hair for me.  I had dropped her sister and her off at the salon and her sister was getting her hair done.  The stylist said she tried to call me to see if I wanted Reyna to get a perm and when they didnt get me, they just made the decision on their own.  She use to get perms on a regular and then I started stretching them out only giveing her a perm 3 times a year.  I noticed her hair would go from long to short back to long and short again.  I had hoped she would want to go natural but was not going to pressure her.  I was going to just let her get her hair pressed from now on instead of permed but her choice is different, take a look at the interview....

What is your age and grade?
I am 10 years old in the 5th grade.

Why did you want to go natural? 
I get tired of perms, stinging my head and losing my hair on the sides.  I thought if I go natural I can do what ever to my hair.  So I told my mom I wanted to do what she was doing.  So we both are doing it together. My sister didnt want to go natural, so we let the idea go of the whole family going natural.  Now my mom big chopped which I hated at first because it doesnt seem like her, but I think she is jealous of my beautiful hair.

How long has it been since you had a perm
I got a perm in July last year right before I started school back.

What did your family say when you told them you are going natural?
Well my dad was shocked and then when he saw my moms hair he told me dont get the big chop, i guess he didnt like her hair, and he thought I had to because I wanted to go natural. When I told him I was growing the perm out he was okay with it.

What is your favorite style to wear while you are growing your perm out?
I like the twist, it turns out really good on my hair so we always do that.

I wanna just cut these strands off but she not having it..

natural hair vs permed hair

Flat twist


end result

We will keep you posted on Reyna's natural journey...


  1. Reyna is such a doll. Love the top pic.

  2. Thanks Ingrid!!! She said she is ready to big chop!!! We might have to have a celebration...