Thursday, April 14, 2011

Auditioning Headbands....#1

Today I decided to play around with the flowers...This is actually a headband I bought when I was transitioning.  I havent found one I like.  I picked out some little flowers but they make my head look GIGANTIC  and you know we dont want that.  There are days when (like today) that I really dont want to be bothered with my hair...and it seems those are the days when I have a pretty good hair day.  I reminded myself from the latest Steve Harvey book..."Straight Talk no Chasers" when he talked about presentation is everything..So I should always be on top of my I still got to keep that head spruced up even when I don't feel like doing anything to "prince" might show up in line at Publix(my favorite store) and I am looking

Front view
side view

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  1. Love your hair. It is so pretty. That pink head band rock!!