Friday, April 22, 2011

The results are still out....

I received my Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding Tuesday and I couldnt wait to use it.   I called a friend who swears by it to find out how to get the best results..what tecniques do she use to put it on.  So I used it on Wednesday..I shampooed all the stuff I had been using all week and put it on...I was shocked by the color of the pudding.....its purple...when I put it on, it felt okay...when it dries is when you know...well it dried and i felt my hair and I can't really describe what it felt wasnt hard but it wasnt soft either..and my hair was dry......and it was very curly in the the next day I used it again and I put more than a dime size in my hair felt very soft but it was still very damp in the Im thinking too much...but it looked reading peoples comments about this product to see what i am doing wrong and why its not doing what its supposed to Im not giving up...I just need to find what is going to curl my hair..and also not have it looks so dry...

applied Miss Jessie's curly pudding while wet

my forehead looks

after the curly pudding looks dry to me..

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