Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lunch Date

Philly Cheese Sandwich and fries...

I had a wonderful date that I just had to blog about.  I took careful time getting ready because I wanted to look perfect.  Being on time...so far so good....my door was open for me...this is getting good...being taken to my favorit resturant "The Tavern" just made my day.  Over lunch justing sitting and remincining brought a smile to my face.  No telephone call or text message to interrupt the moment, it was just all about me....so I am guess you are wondering who is the gentleman that took me out...the one that was on time and opened my door the one that made me smile throughout lunch...the one who gave me all the attention without any interruptions.  I am sorry to say that it was no man...the date I had was with ME!!!

Dating myself

Yes I said that....dating myself.  It sounds strange but I was reading this book by Kenny Pugh, Can you do it Standing up?  A different outlook on relationships.  Well anyway there was a chapter called "Would you date you?"  At first I laughed because I said of course I would....but then as I read it was more indepth and I needed to test it out.  So at first I wasn't going to dress up...but then I was thinking what if it was a guy I would be all dolled up...so why not.  I made sure I was on time...because I know that what I like and I also left my phone in the car...so there would be no texting or calling on this date...lol

I was a little nervous...I wasn't talking about going to Zaxbys to pick up a lunch...I was talking about going to a resturant to be waited on.  I picked the Tavern because it is my favorite resturant.  I love the intimate setting.  The lady at the desk was like how many...I said "One" in a low voice...lol  Dont judge I was still nervous...lol  I was seated and I ordered lunch.  As I was waiting...I was just thinking about my life and things that have happened over the years...those things made me smile and just made me happy.  I enjoyed my lunch with myself.  I was very refreshing....So to answer Kenny's question...I would say "Yes" I would date myself.  I am going to take myself to different places as well.

As I am on my journey of discovery, my journey or reinventing, my journey of being adventurouse, I think I am going to enjoy getting to know myself even better. 

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  1. I am happy to hear you enjoyed your date. Isn't it good to know you are good company?