Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 293..coming into my own

Wow...time does fly when you are having fun...lol  So today is day 293 of my natural journey...I am so amazed at how making this decision has changed my life in such a good way.  The confidence I feel everyday makes me smile even now.  When I first big chopped I knew I wanted to go natural but I always say I just didn't know how it was really going to impact me until it did.  In the beginning I was very unsure but now I am like I'm a "Natural Diva".  I am always trying new styles and products.   In the picture above I am rocking a twist out that I did. 

My next stop on this journey, I think I want to add color to give me a little spice...lol  So of course I have been reading up on having color and still have healthy hair.  I will get the color right before the year is out, I can't wait to go into the new year with a new look and attitude.  I am still working on my bucket list of things that I want to do. 

Being Natural is something that I have learned to embrace...I fell in love with myself all over again....When I see people turn their noses up at my hair...I don't get offended (i did in the past, because i was so self conscious)....people either love natural hair or they hate natural hair....I still find it funny when someone tells me about so and so hair and how she used the product and it looks so great and I should try it so mine can look like that....that is not going to happen...because what works on one persons head don't always work on another...lol

Yes I am still stopping people from touching my hair...unless they ask...because I still don't like that. 

On this 293rd day I am enjoying the life God has given me...I am taking every day as a chance to get better...trying not to stress over the things I cannot change, because it is what it is...I am still working on my G.I.F.T.S every chance I get...ready to see what the future has in store...

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