Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a Fancy Funnel Cake......Beignets

When you tell people you are going to visit another state they tell you places to go visit and things you must try.  So of course,  people told us that we must go to Cafe Du Monde to try the Beignets.  The first night we got there some of our group went to get some, but they were asking what kind of coffee you want and I didn't know what a beignet was so I was like I will pass. My roommate bought me one anyway but I didn't get to eat it...and she said it was better eaten when hot...We ventured out again a few days later and we happen to walk up on Cafe Du Monde...we needed to take a break and this looked like a good spot to take it at.   The girls still kept asking me what kind of coffee...but its 100 degrees and I am REALLY??? you asking me do I want want water!!! and I am glad that is what I got.  OMG!!! the beignets are good and I kept trying to figure out what they taste like...I know....a funnel cake!!! lol  They are not made in the shape of the funnel cake...but they taste like them right down to the confectionate sugar that they put on top. 

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