Friday, July 5, 2013

Interpret this text

I received a text that was very interesting. Here is how it goes:

Him: what are you doing this weekend?
Me: I havent decided yet.
Him: Let me know soon. Looking for a date. You are my first choice. If you are out, then I will flex.

Say what now??  Really??  Modern technology bothers me so much.  I mean what happended to men calling you and asking you out on a date.  Nope not in the 21st century.  They just want to text you, and sometimes things get lost in translation.  How do I interpret it.  He wants me to make a fast decision about something with no explanation of what the event it.  Then the statement "You are my first choice" ---whoaaaaaa WTH?  Really Dude???  Let me just say no woman wants to hear that she is your first choice, as if you have a few more choices.   Maybe he wanted me to know what he has other options on the horizon.   This did not impress me at all. 

Needless to say I declined because I didnt want to hold him up from flexing. He told me oh no I meant flex as in flexible...REALLY?? Whatever. 

I would have been nice if he would have picked up the phone and ask me out on a date.  Instead he texted me a unclear message that I was left to interpret myself.

Dating life is rough... :-)

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