Sunday, April 15, 2012

House hunting......OMG!!!

So i am on a new journey right now...I am looking for a home....OMG!!! this can be fun but also frustrating...Its fun and exciting just the thought of looking for a house....The process has been frustrating because it has been so hard to find a house that has exactly what i want....I had to go back and revise my criteria list to see exactly was a deal breaker...

For those people who know me and how I get frustrated with a lot of choices know that this has been a  But ironicallly it has been kinda easy to say thumbs up or thumbs down...When you walk into a house you automatically know whether you will like it or not...I took back up just in case I couldn't

This really is a roller coaster ride...I fell in love with a house and the day we tried to put the contract on was gone :-((   that hurt to bad...but its my fault because I took to long to decide if I wanted it or you know I wont let that happen again...

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