Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh what a night!!!!

This is the end of the day...let me start at the beginning.  A group of ladies came to my house for girls night and also to celebrate Ingrid's and my Birthday.  We had so much fun!!!! I just love the group of people I hang out with. Its always fun when you can get together to have fun and everybody gets along...  lol

Making punch.... :-)

they are working hard to get this right!!! lol

How does it taste Ingrid.......

Look at that must taste great!!! lol
Now its time for the fun to begin!!! We played the wii...Micheal Jackson experience and Just Dance was a work out in itself...but..OMG it was so much fun!!! Everybody participated in the activities....

These ladies were the first up...they are jamming...

Kiki getting ready....look at that
Not sure what those moves

I think we are are doing Crazy in Love by Beyonce...we are getting it in!!!! lol
Oh what a night!! We had a ball...laughing, talking, dancing, and lots of good food....catching up on whats going on in each others lives.  I woke up sore the next day though.  I was concentrating so hard because I wanted to win!!! lol.....I will have to get to planning another girls night out and work on my Micheal Jackson skills because I wasn't doing such a good job.  lol 

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