Thursday, July 7, 2016

Heavy Heart

On yesterday I watched a video of a man shot and killed on the internet.  I was in so much disbelief and shock, that I watched it several times over and over and I cried each time.  I saw the countless post made by people on my social media timeline all day.  I saw so many arguments forming and insensitive comments being made that I decided not to post anything, only to  pray.  This morning I woke up at 5am and scroll Facebook and watched a video of different man die.  This man was shot during a traffic stop with his girlfriend and a small child in the car.  The screams of the girlfriend haunt my thought.  The though of the young girl having that memory etched in her mind for the rest of her life.  I wept again.   I cried out on my knees to God for understanding, for protection, to send his angels down to protect us, to fix this situation and the list goes on and on. 

As I watched the video of Mr. Sterling I thought about the black men in my life, my dad, my nephews, my boyfriend, my cousins, my uncles, and friends.   I would not want them to have to experience that kind of death.  The love and compassion is slowing seeping out of the world.

I have been questioning myself and wondering why I am outraged by these deaths at the hands of police.  Then it hit me. Police Officers will always be held to a high standard because they took an oath to say they would serve and protect all people.  It's their job.  As a child we are taught that police officers are your friends.  They are your protection.  When something happens, you call the police.  When someone tries to hurt you, you call the police.  So who do you call when the police are they ones hurting you?  #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile #sosad #continuetopray #BlackLivesDoMatter

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