Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fro Fashion Weekend

I attended Fro Fashion Week this past weekend and let me tell you I have a blast.  What is Fro Fashion Week you might ask, its where people who are natural, thinking about being natural or just on the fence come out to share experiences and journeys.  There is also a fashion show and vendors selling products that they make.  it is awesome.

Friday night, we attended a Penthouse party and got to meet Kim Coles...I cant say enough about Kim, she has such a great personality and great down to earth...she was taking pictures with everyone...even got herself on the dance was wonderful.

Yolanda Lavender performed that night.  I love her voice.  I heard her sing last year and was excited to know she was going to perform again.

The workshops were on the next day and Kim did the opening session "WOO WOO WOO WOO!!!  She brought me to misty eyes listening to her hair was so touching...Then we heard Jessicurls story and that brought more mist to my eyes.  There stories touched my soul.  I could relate and feel the passion about what they are doing now..

We went to Kim's session on Life Transition...talking about your G.I.F.T.S.  I wanted to hear this message because my Bishop is teaching on GIFTS in bible study...I wont give you all information but I will tell you that G(gratitude) I (Intentions) F ( forgiveness) T (triumph) S ( self-love)...for more information you will have to go to Kim's site...

Then we headed over to hear Key Martin talk about straight natural hair.  She is another lady with such a beautiful spirit about herself...she seem so genuine about what she does and you can see her passion.

We had to get some to eat so we checked out this place right next to the Fox Theater call Pulik  They didn't sell any chicken wings but they make a mean burger...

All and all my trip was wonderful...but you know we couldn't leave knowing Old School Saturday was taking place that yep you know it...the Dream Team was in the house...

We had a blast!!!!!!

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