Tuesday, January 31, 2012

...is the customer always right???

Today I experienced a incident where the customer said I did or said something inappropriate to her.   I am feeling frustrated because the customer is not always right.  I didn't say what she wanted to hear, so then I must have said something wrong to her.  As a Business Management major...this made me wonder how I would run a business when dealing with outside customers.  I know that you should always give great customer service but to what extent.  Sometimes I think you should allow the customer to vent their frustrations but not to the point where they are very disrespectful to you or your employees.  This time of the year is always stressful, due to the fact that what you give is never enough....I have had a time to meditate on the situation and I asked myself if I could do it over would I handle it the same way and the answer is yes. 

Its funny how I have to adjust my tone depending on who I speak to because to some people it sounds very intimidating...HA!

So now I sit hoping the next month of crazy foolishness ends pretty soon....and I come out as good as I went in... :-)

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