Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stop being a Negative Nancy!

Are you a positive or negative person. When people tell you something that they want to do or are going to do..does your response start off with "Why or How" if so  you are being a negative nancy.  I call people like this Dream Killer.   I don't think people try to do this on purpose, i just think that they don't think about what they are saying before they say it.  I'm not saying everything that people say you have to like or agree, but dang can you be supportive to their dreams and aspirations.  In my lifetime I have been affected by people that were not on the same page as me, or didn't see the vision I had.  There were times when I hung up the phone and started second guessing myself.  I have had to learn from that, to surround myself with positive people.  And from time to time, if those people don't agree they just let me know in a different, a way that lets me know that they care about me and just want me to succeed and that might mean alternating a few things but they support me.   So i just want to say... Its okay if you don't share the same excitement the other person does, but just know, people don't want to hear your negativity.  STOP BEING A SUCH A NEGATIVE NANCY!!!

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