Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot Water please....

So I noticed that my water is not getting as hot as it use to be.  So of course I called on my life best friend....another friend....all men of course...and I couldnt get anyone on the I made my way down to the garage to see if I could make it happen.  LOL!!! I have been laughing at myself the past few days because..guess what...a child 5 years old could have done

The picture above is of my hot water tank...its labled telling me exactly what I need to do and even has a caution that tells me to be careful when i run my water because it was be very hot!!! lol

I think because I am the baby in the family but I have the responsibilities like I am the oldest...sometimes I just want to be the baby and get the attention...but NOPE!! not gonna happen in this lifetime...I have to continue to be the mature, responsible, take care of everybody  At least I can add this to my things around the house I now know how to do, now if  I could only get them blinds up!!!  :-)

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