Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My natural hair is.......

I saw this shirt on line and I just have to have it. The shirt says "My Natural Hair is Everything"  and in fact it is.  I love my hair.  I feel that i am learning it all over again after the whole straightening nightmare.  I am revisiting old products that didn't work before but now they work on my new hair.  Right now I am fighting with the twist out.  Every time I try to twist my hair, when i untwist it I don't like it and it makes me wanna cry.  But I have to tell myself to "man up" (in my GG voice)!!!  That was my favorite style and now I cant do it anymore right now and it makes me sad...but i must keep going.  This is how I am having to wear it until it grows longer

Sitting at my desk....

Back view I love my color and highlights!

side view of my puff

another side view.

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